Cornell Professor Threatens To Fail ‘Hooked Nose’ Student For Not Wearing Mask In Class

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A Cornell University engineering professor is being blasted for an email sent out to students in which he targets two students who didn’t wear masks in one of his classes and threatens to fail the “hooked nose” student with red hair. In his email, Bruce Monger, from the school’s Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, asked for help identifying these two maskless troublemakers.

“I wanted to ask you for your help in identifying two ocean students who were photographed with their masks off during the ocean class last Friday,” Monger wrote. “They were sitting next to each other in the balcony’s front row of seating.”

And then the climate change expert really heated up and let his emotions boil to the surface.

“One student is a male with red hair and a fairly prominent hooked nose,” Monger added in the email obtained by the Libs of TikTok Twitter account. “His hair was pretty long (just below the bottom of his ears) and is pretty thick and wavy. He was wearing a blue sweatshirt and was eating something at the time.”

When reached by the New York Post, a Cornell spokesperson noted that Monger “described the students’ physical characteristics in ways that do not reflect Cornell values. Dr. Monger has since acknowledged that his approach to dealing with unmasked students in class was not handled in an appropriate manner.”

Monger has locked his Twitter account and doesn’t seem to be in the mood to discuss his recent email.

According to the Reddit Cornell page, last week Monger was “f–king pissed” at maskless students which likely led to the email where Bruce was trying to hunt down the “hooked nose” student. Monday, students began rallying behind the professor.

“He made a mistake, everyone is going overboard,” a Reddit poster said. “I feel for the man.”

Written by Joe Kinsey

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