Coral, The Drug-Sniffing Florida Keys Golden Retriever, Strikes Again!

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It’s always a special day when the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office in Stock Island, Florida hits me with a Facebook post featuring Coral, the drug-sniffing Golden Retriever pup who started her sniffing career in the fall. My 2021 Drug-Sniffing Dog of the Year contender was showing off her haul Friday for the Sheriff’s office media team and gave her customary paw-in-the-air salute.

Brandy Victoria Gesell, 38, made the horrible decision Thursday night to test Coral’s nose. Wrong move. Brandy clearly didn’t know that a Golden can sniff out a tennis ball 100 yards away, and when you train them to sniff out meth, coke and other drugs, they’re not going to disappoint.

Let’s go to Coral’s scoreboard and see her Thursday night haul:

• 3.7 ounces of methamphetamine
• 1 gram of cocaine
• 8 grams of marijuana
• 2.5 Xanax pills
• A digital scale
• 2 glass pipes

According to my value calculations, that’s about $4,100 in meth. It’s not some record haul, but it’s one of those busts that keeps Coral’s head in the game and focused on saving the Keys from these dopers bringing their garbage south on U.S. 1.

You dopers have been warned. That sweet face is coming for you, and I’m posting every single one of her victory photos.

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Posted by MCSO – Florida Keys on Friday, March 12, 2021

Written by Joe Kinsey

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