My Favorite Drug-Sniffing Florida Keys Police Dog, Coral, Sniffs Out Fentanyl On Her 2nd Birthday

If you’re a druggie driving U.S. 1 through the Florida Keys and you’re pulled over, the last thing you want to hear is the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department call in backup in the form of the K-9 crew, specifically the drug-sniffing two-year-old Golden Retriever named Coral. She might be cute. She might appear to be smiling, but she’s been putting criminals in jail since October and then posing like a good girl back at headquarters.

I was already following the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department because they cover the Keys and, as we all know, crazy stuff goes on in the Keys. So it’s important for me to be following the cops on Facebook. One thing leads to another, and now I’m being greeted by smiling Coral on a weekly basis. Sometimes she pops up twice a week with drug busts.

Since you guys love a positive story, I thought it was time to start tracking Coral’s accomplishments here at OutKick. Today, the good girl received recognition for taking down a couple of real scumbags who were trafficking in fentanyl, according to MCSO.

“Christopher Thomas Flingos Sr., 51, and Michael Richard Goode, 45, were both charged with trafficking fentanyl and cocaine. Goode was additionally charged with possession of Ecstasy.

“Deputy Aaron Roddy stopped a car at approximately 5 p.m. on the Sadowski Causeway (the entry/exit road to Key Colony Beach) for speeding in a 45 mph zone and illegal window tint as well as for the driver — Flingos — who was not wearing a seat belt. Goode was the passenger. Goode had a warrant for driving an unregistered motor vehicle.

“K9 Coral responded and alerted to drugs in the vehicle.

“Approximately 1.2 ounces of fentanyl, 1.1 ounces of cocaine and five Ecstasy pills were found in the vehicle. Some of the drugs were found inside a Styrofoam bowl of instant noodles.”

That’s right, the scumbags tried to hid their drugs inside a Maruchan Instant Lunch cup, but Coral, who celebrated her second birthday Monday, was on to these druggies and their attempt to fool her. While there’s no fentanyl ounces-to-death calculator out there, Coral was able to take down 1.2 ounces of the drug, which is 34 grams. In an unrelated 2020 fentanyl bust, two guys in North Carolina were caught with 55 grams, enough to kill 20,000 people, according to the police in that case.

You do the math here. Coral potentially saved some serious lives on her second birthday and is to be commended for her service to society. This won’t be the last time you’ll be seeing that smiling face around here. We’ll see how she does in March, and I’ll write it up.

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Written by Joe Kinsey

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