Content Creators Break Into $8M Florida Home, Throw Huge Party With Boxing Matches & Complete Debauchery

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Florida police are on the hunt for the punks responsible for breaking into an $8 million mansion in the beach town of Seaside where partygoers created a bunch of social media content and got the full attention of the Walton County Sheriff’s Office which is not happy with what went down early Saturday morning.

The sheriff’s office says the house party created a noise complaint from a neighbor and by the time cops arrived, “most” of the content creators had fled the scene. But then came the cascade of the social media content created from the scene of the crime, including boxing matches in the foyer where a boxing ring was created.

“Here’s another sliver of information; Snapchat isn’t private. You may think it is if you are a teenager or someone in their early 20s and you are not yet worldly. Your friends will snitch. Word gets out. You’ll be tagged in pics on the Gram,” the Walton County Sheriff’s Office announced on Facebook.

“Also, we can subpoena Snapchat.”

It would probably be a nice investigative piece for someone to dive into the phenomenon of breaking into homes to create content. Who was the first to think of pulling a B&E for Snapchat clout? What’s the return on the investment for the clout-chasing?

The Walton County Sheriff’s Office should sentence one of these teens to tell OutKick in an exclusive interview what the mindset is behind throwing a rager in someone’s house after breaking in. They should just throw a rager at one of their parents’ houses and create content. Then the only risk is the father going ballistic on his son.

Who hasn’t been there before?

I remember being 19 and teaming up with my stepbrother for a party where someone put a fist through a closet door. And I remember my stepbrother going to the neighbor’s house the next day to see if he could trade them hallway closet doors (the houses were all pretty much the same layout) so he could hang a door without a massive hole until he could get the neighbor a new door. Nobody ended up with a B&E on their records. Yes, the cops came by to tell us to quiet down. It was a vintage underage party scene.

via Walton County (FL) Sheriff’s Office

Yes, it wasn’t pretty when my father returned, but he got over it and I’m sure he’d laugh at the closet story these days.

That’s why these content turds make me so angry. One of you losers needs to step up and host the rager. Surely someone’s parents are out of town for the weekend. There has to be a Chad at this party who has a dad (Bill) who is out of town and has a STACKED basement liquor cabinet.

The real pussy move here is that Chad won’t host the rager with his bros and suck down Bill’s bourbon collection.

via Walton County (FL) Sheriff’s Office
via Walton County (FL) Sheriff’s Office

Instead, we have the youth of this country who feel like they have to take the content game to the next level and risk a mark on their records. Digital footprint, kids. As a content creator who’s been at this since many of you were taking dumps down your legs, let me tell you that footprint isn’t going anywhere. Google will not forget that one night you decided to wreck that mansion near Clay Travis’ beach house.

Good luck getting daddy to clear your names on this one. You could’ve just thrown some boxing matches in the front yard like YouTube circa 2009.

“Before making an excuse for these kids, ask why they felt they could do this in the first place,” the Walton Sheriff’s Office continued on Facebook.

“Here’s our ask; if you were there, know someone who was there, were invited, knows who circulated the flyer for the party (yes, we know about that too) you are asked to come forward. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR and let us know. Come clean and give us the information we need to hold those responsible.”

Written by Joe Kinsey

Joe Kinsey is the Senior Director of Content of OutKick and the editor of the Morning Screencaps column that examines a variety of stories taking place in real America.

Kinsey is also the founder of OutKick’s Thursday Night Mowing League, America’s largest virtual mowing league.

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  1. Can we get some more info on who’s house this was? That one kid appears to be wearing 5 SB rings (that look to include at least a couple with the Cowboys). I agree these punks have no cojones, but seems like they picked the home of someone legitimately awesome.

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