Conflicting Reports About Deshaun Watson Settlement Situation

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Weeks have passed since Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson’s name was plastered across headlines and repeated through news segments on every sports media outlet.

With the release of the NFL schedule on Wednesday, predictions of Watson’s status were to be expected, and there are two very different reports circulating. NFL Network’s Rich Eisen says he heard the two legal camps were in talks of settlements. Another NFL insider reports the exact opposite, saying the two legal teams are not settling the civil lawsuits.

Watson faces 22 civil lawsuits alleging inappropriate conduct and sexual assault — previous OutKick coverage on the topic can be read here. The Texans star and his legal team, led by lawyer Rusty Hardin, deny the allegations.

ESPNUpdate cites Rich Eisen, who said on Monday on The Rich Eisen Show that he heard during the NFL draft that a settlement was in the works.

“You can hear a pin drop on Deshaun Watson … All eyes on the civil court system in Texas,” Eisen said. “Is Deshaun Watson settling his cases right now? At the draft, that’s all I heard, that was in the works. That’s why Peter King has a whole bunch of teams that are lined up for Deshaun Watson, should he be a viable quarterback in the NFL in 2022.”

KOA NewsRadio’s Benjamin Allbright quickly tweeted after ESPNUpdate did and said Watson’s camp isn’t trying to settle, but didn’t provide much else.

Harris County District Court records currently show no updates since April 22 in the civil lawsuits.

OutKick has reached out to both Watson’s lawyers and the plaintiff’s lawyers for comment on the matter.

Check back with OutKick for updates.

Written by Megan Turner

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  1. It has gone silent because the media doesn’t want to cover this because D Watson is at the top of the victimhood pyramid. Get real. Every network that covers the NFL is praying that a black man is innocent or somehow resolves this matter so they don’t have to wring their hands anymore over who to offend: the black QB or the women who allegedly were the real victims here.

  2. The District Attorney in Harris County, Texas(Houston), Kim Ogg, is a George Soros supported office holder who is working to redesign criminal incarceration in Harris County and Texas.

    She doesn’t believe anyone should be in jail, no matter the level of crime they’ve committed. Watson will NEVER see the inside of a jail cell. Ogg will derail any efforts to charge Watson because she doesn’t want criminals in jail.

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