Ravens Receiver Catches Commanders Rookie With Slick Cross As Punches Fly During Multiple Joint Practice Fights

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The 2023 NFL season is less than a month away and players across the league are frothing at the mouth. Teams have mostly been competing against their own which leads to heightened excitement when it’s time to get on the field against another team.

Sometimes Often times, that leads tempers to flare and tensions to boil over as they did on Tuesday.

Washington and Baltimore got together for a joint practice in Owings Mills.

The media is typically not allowed to film team drills during training camp, or practice in general. That often leads to a lack of video footage of chippy moments.

Tuesday was different, and it worked out great for the folks at home. Not so much for the Ravens and Commanders, who have decided that tomorrow will go back to the old rules.

Multiple fights broke out between the two sides and benches cleared in both instances.

The first scuffle went down around 11:00 a.m. ET.

Washington’s first round pick, cornerback Emmanuel Forbes, was a little over-aggressive in trying to punch the ball out from Baltimore’s third-year wide receiver Tylan Wallace. Wallace did not like it.

He turned back and caught Forbes with a slick cross. Things only escalated from there and multiple punches were thrown between the two.

Punching someone who is wearing a helmet and shoulder pads is always an interesting choice, but Wallace’s quick right was pretty smooth. Forbes also landed a few of his own.

Not long thereafter, Ravens tight end Mark Andrews got into it with Commanders defensive back Danny Johnson. The former slammed the latter to the turf and both teams were quick to converge on the scene with plenty of pushing and shoving.

Washington defensive end Efe Obada spoke about the dust ups after practice and said that people “don’t know how to keep it professional.”

Forbes brushed it off as guys just trying to compete.

Both NFL teams will be back on the field together on Wednesday. The time away from each other on Tuesday afternoon will help things cool off before they get back to it.

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