Comedian Jim Breuer Won’t Support Venues That Mandate Proof Of Vaccination

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Saturday Night Live alum Jim Breuer has made a career of telling jokes, but he’s not clowning around when it comes to the absurdity of vaccine mandates. Breuer just announced that he will not perform at any venue that require attendees to show proof of a COVID-19 vaccination.

“I’m absolutely not doing those shows,” said Breuer.

Breuer, one of the country’s most popular touring comics, went on an epic rant via his Facebook fan page, bashing the venues that require fans to show proof of vaccination. The 54-year old even compared vax mandates to “segregation.”

“Due to the segregation of them forcing people to show up with vaccination— to prove you’re vaccinated, to prove you’ve had a shot — I’m absolutely not doing those shows.”

Performances in New Jersey and Michigan have been canceled because of such mandates. “What these establishments are doing are wrong. What this dictatorship is doing is wrong,” said Breuer. “I know I’m going to sacrifice a lot of money, but I’m not going to be enslaved by the system, or by money, and nor should anyone that wants to laugh or be entertained.”

Coronabros be damned, Breuer has no plans to let a needle get in the way of his personal beliefs: “I have to stick with my morals. I have to stick with what I know is right. As a human to another human, when you have to be forced, bribed, dictated — which is basically what is going on…”

Breuer made it clear that he wasn’t against those who choose to vaccinate, but he is against those who want to remove freedom of choice: “I had COVID. My wife, stage four cancer, had COVID. My daughter had COVID…No matter what your feelings are on it — I don’t care if you’re vaccinated. That’s great. It’s a choice.”

Breuer first shot to fame when he appeared in the 90s cult-classic film Half Baked, and now he’s taking aim at celebrities who are pushing vaccinations on their followers:

“You may be a huge name in the entertainment world. You may be one of the biggest sports stars in the world, but you know what? That doesn’t mean you’re moral, it doesn’t mean you’re smart, it doesn’t mean you’re a good person. All that means is that you are a slave to (money). You’re a slave to vanity. You’re a slave to the dictatorship to keep you on top of the mountain. And that is evil. It’s dark. It’s creepy. It’s soulless. Soul. Less. So that’s on you. All you names that are trying to come out, make your stances, tell people what YOU think they should be doing.”

This version of Breuer’s stand up deserves a standing ovation.

Written by Anthony Farris

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