Colts LB Darius Leonard Throws His Wedding Ring Into Stands Along With Game Gloves

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Colts linebacker Darius Leonard went home Sunday after a 28-11 win over the Vikings minus his wedding ring, but there’s a very good excuse for that. The wedding ring was pulled off as Leonard pulled off his gloves to throw to kids in the stands. There’s a happy ending to all this for Darius, his wife and the kids who scored the gloves.

The kids found the ring, got in touch with a Twitter blue checkmark — Tyler Brooke, who works on NFL coverage for Bleacher Report and Leonard heard the good news. See, Twitter really can be used for good. Imagine Darius trying to explain to his wife that he lost his wedding ring. It’s a guy’s worst nightmare. They’re holding that over your head for the rest of the marriage.

“I need that,” Darius said on Twitter.

You’re darn right you need that! Darius got married in May 2018. This is a big time danger zone for losing a wedding ring. Anything after say 8-10 years and it’s not as tragic. By then things happen and kids come along. She’s just happy if you come home an hour after golf is over at that point.

And there go the gloves into the stands…along with Darius’ wedding ring!

Written by Joe Kinsey

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