Deion Sanders Shows Off Different Hat Options, Looks Ready To Go Full John Dutton

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Deion Sanders might be ready to try his hand at roping cows and living the ranch lifestyle.

Sanders has been a content machine since the first day he was hired to lead the Colorado Buffaloes and bring the program back to life.

The team’s spring game was sold out, bets are pouring in on Colorado to win the national title and Sanders even managed to get his hands on a Ford F-650.

Life is going very well for the former NFL superstar.

Now, he’s shown off a series of different hat options that were sent to him, and at least a couple of them look like they were plucked right off the wardrobe rock on Taylor Sheridan’s “Yellowstone” set.

The white cowboy hat is definitely the best, but the Indiana Jones-styled fishing fedora isn’t bad either.

Deion Sanders is a big hat man.

First off, Deion Sanders is 100% correct that you need a black cowboy hat. Nothing sets the tone better than a black cowboy hat.

That’s just a simple fact in life. White cowboy hats are great, and you should definitely have one of those as well. However, black hats just hit differently.

When it’s time to hand out some justice and protect the land, you always go with the black hat. The moment you put it on, it’s like a bolt of electricity goes through your body. You start talking with gravel in your voice, you’re ready for hard work and you grow your facial hair a little faster. Those are just a few of the reasons I keep a black cowboy hat within about five feet of my office desk.

I’m not going to say you become John Dutton, but we definitely can’t rule it out.

Deion Sanders channel John Dutton while trying on hats. (Credit: Paramount Network)

Second, Deion Sanders rocking cowboy hats or any other hat is great to see. The dude is incredibly authentic and isn’t afraid to cut it loose.

In a world that lacks authenticity and realness, it’s great to see Deion Sanders is unapologetically himself. Plus, he’s dived headfirst into the Colorado culture, which features plenty of cowboy hats.

Deion Sanders is a fan of cowboy hats. (Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)

Deion Sanders could really set the college football world on fire if he rocks a cowboy hat on the sidelines during a game this season. That would be content gold. As a cowboy hat enthusiast, I sincerely hope he does.

Written by David Hookstead

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