Colorado Survives Colorado State On Wild 4th & Goal Final Play: VIDEO

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Colorado fans probably need to have their pulses checked after barely beating Colorado State.

The Buffaloes entered the game against the Rams favored by more than three touchdowns, but needed two overtimes in order to walk off the field with a win.

Colorado beats Colorado State in double overtime after an interception on the 4th & goal. (Photo by Andy Cross/MediaNews Group/The Denver Post via Getty Images)

The final play of the game had the Rams on the 18 yard line on 4th & goal, and CSU quarterback Brayden Fowler-Nicolosi lobbed the ball into the end zone to try to rob Colorado of a win.

Despite having a player blanketed in triple coverage, it looked like a Rams might have a chance to bring the ball down.

But, alas, Trevor Woods had different plans. He snagged the ball for an interception and sealed the win to make sure Colorado improved to 3-0.

Colorado beats Colorado State on wild ending.

Deion Sanders guaranteed a show for fans Saturday, and that’s definitely what happened. Now, did the Buffaloes expect a blowout?

Probably, but things rarely go the way you want in the sports world. That almost never happens, and it didn’t happen Saturday.

Colorado won, but the game came at a very high price. Travis Hunter was injured on an all-time bad cheap shot and had to be taken to a local hospital. He’s now expected to miss time.

Buffaloes fans storm the field.

In one of the more comical moments of the game, fans of Deion’s team decided to storm the field. Yes, fans of the Buffaloes stormed the field after being 0-1 Colorado State.

They also stormed the field after beating Nebraska. We need to have a national conversation about when storming the field is necessary and when it’s not.

Colorado/CSU is a rivalry game, but it’s not worth storming the field.

The Deion Sanders show in Boulder continues for another week, and gives fans one of the best final plays of the weekend. Are you not entertained?

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