College Student Alleges She Was Failed By Gender Studies Professor For Using Term ‘Biological Women’

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Do you know how many blogger gender studies classes I would’ve failed over the last 6-12 months for using “biological women” in headlines and stories?

Let’s just say I would’ve flunked out of blogging college.

Now let’s go to Ohio where University of Cincinnati student Olivia Krolczyk says her gender studies teacher gave her a zero on an essay that was centered around biological males competing in biological female sports.

Krolczyk, she says, made the ultimate mistake — according to the (alleged) woke mob professor — of using “biological women” in her essay and that was the straw that broke the biological female professor’s back.

Change it or else.

The UC undergrad told “Jesse Watters Primetime” she chose the or else option and that’s when the professor dropped the fail hammer.

“Olivia, this is a solid proposal,” the professor said in feedback provided to the student. “However, the terms ‘biological women’ are exclusionary and are not allowed in this course as they further reinforce heteronormativity. Please reassess your topic and edit it to focus on women’s rights (not just “females”) and I’ll regrade.”

Olivia says she stood her ground and now we have a very public showdown between the student and the University of Cincinnati, who has yet to take a position on whether they’re going to allow students to use “biological women” when referencing biological women.

It’s quite a showdown.

Fox reports that Krolczyk has met with the school’s gender equity group and the group came to the conclusion it would allow her to do the project using “biological women” and now a new professor will grade the work.

In other words, let’s see if UC professors have the guts to fail her twice.

Now that would be some serious 2023 drama.


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