College Professor Suggests Biden ‘Declare War’ on Republicans Because They’re Civil War Slaveholders

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A woman called Heather Cox Richardson gave a comment for an Atlantic article published Tuesday that suggests President Biden should “declare war” on Republicans.

You are now wondering whether Richardson is a media member, politician, or educator. Answer: a college professor at Boston College.

Here’s how the article, authored by a Molly Jong-Fast creature, goes:

“To improve Biden’s popularity, earnest consultants might tell him to work on the fundamentals. But the fundamentals are actually good: The economy is getting better. Americans have both cash and jobs,” Jong-Fast wrote.

“The disconnect between the facts and the polls suggests that Biden’s true problem is a narrative one. Specifically, he doesn’t have an enemy, a punching bag to absorb Americans’ anger (rational or irrational).”

And here’s Richardson:

“Biden could easily declare war on the authoritarians threatening our democracy, much the same as Abraham Lincoln did when he pulled northerners together to stand against the slaveholders,” Richardson says. That is, he could spend more time trying to direct Americans’ attention to the threat posed by the Trump-directed Republican Party, which is consolidating power at the state level and turning against democracy in large numbers.”

“Much the same as Abraham Lincoln. Translation: modern-day Republicans are much like Civil War slaveholders.

You could waste time debunking Richardson’s dangerous claim — but more importantly, we must sit back and consider that these are the type of educators who wield influence over college students, often future corporate decision-makers.

Society preaches to children from a young age that the elite will go to college, while the average will stay back. So we are clear, we encourage students to meet up with radical loons like Richardson. How terrifying?

Written by Bobby Burack

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  1. What’s funny is that Lincoln allowed Union states to continue allowing slave owning for the sake of keeping them in the Union. The Emancipation Proclamation did not apply to any of the states who stayed in the Union, most of whom outlawed slavery by state legislation during the Civil War. The two Union states that allowed slavery all the way up to the enacting of the 13th Amendment are kinda relevant to her ramblings. They were Kentucky, birthplace of Lincoln, and Delaware, home state of our current president.

  2. Robert Byrd a DEMOCRATIC senator from W. Virginia was a grand wizard in the KKK and the current President called him a friend and mentor. BTW the ONLY KKK member ever in the Senate guess the moron conveniently left that part out plenty of dems were members

  3. ““The disconnect between the facts and the polls suggests that Biden’s true problem is a narrative one.” said the extremely sophisticated (hyphenated!) Ms. Jong-Fast (she/her).

    “I beg to differ,” said Tyler Derden (dude/man). “The disconnect between reality and your fat mouth suggests your true problem is a mental/emotionally unstable one.”

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