Rules Debate Unfolds In College Lacrosse After Questionable Goal Called Off Despite Clear Push From Behind

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Syracuse women’s lacrosse is a force that cannot be stopped in 2023. The Orange are the top-ranked team in the country at 15-0 with just one game left against a strong Boston College Eagles side.

Not only is Syracuse rolling, it’s coming off of a dominant two-goal win over No. 5 North Carolina.

And it could have been a three-goal win if not for some controversy!

Graduate attack Meaghan Tyrrell appeared to score with seven minutes and 30 seconds left in the fourth quarter to go up by two. However, the goal was called off because her foot was in the crease.

Much like hockey, in both men’s and women’s lacrosse, any shot that is taken inside of the goalie crease is ruled invalid. Tyrrell’s foot was firmly inside the crease.

However, it may not have been her fault.

As Tyrrell moved toward the goal, her foot slipped out from under her as a Tar Heels defender pushed her from behind. It was a combination of factors, but her foot crossed into the crease regardless of who or what was at fault and the goal was called off.

The question is whether that was the right decision by the officials, or if a rule change needs to be made.

Here’s the Syracuse no goal in question:

Tyrrell slipped. There are no ifs, ands or buts about it. But she was also pushed.

Should the push have warranted a foul on North Carolina? Was Tyrrell’s foot entering the crease a result of the push? If so, should the goal have stood?

There are a few rulings that could have been made:

  • UNC is issued a penalty for a push with possession
  • UNC is issued a yellow card for cross-checking, the goal does not count
  • No foul is issued, the goal does not count
  • UNC is issued a yellow card for cross-checking, the goal stands

It didn’t end up mattering this time. Syracuse went on to win anyway, but the conversation surrounding the no-goal continues in the days after! Was it the right call? Should there be a rule change?

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  1. That’s a push with possession. 8 meter. That should have been the outcome. Take the crease out of the equation and judge it that way. Of all the sports to officiate, women’s lacrosse has to be the most difficult. All the non-contact rules that are so often violated just to see where the line is drawn for calls makes it so tough.

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