College GameDay Announces New Theme Song Singers After Splitting From Big & Rich Without Explanation

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College GameDay has brought in some major names for the event’s theme song moving forward.

The ESPN production had used Big & Rich’s hit song “Comin’ to Your City” for years. Whenever you heard the song, you thought of GameDay.

Whenever you were watching GameDay and it came on, you knew it was going to be a great Saturday. Then, without any real kind of explanation, Big & Rich announced they were out and someone would be taking over moving forward.

College GameDay announces new theme song lineup.

Now, GameDay has revealed who will replace Big & Rich, and it’s a very strong lineup of Darius Rucker, Lainey Wilson and The Cadillac Three.

There’s just one problem. GameDay announced that the combined group would be singing “the latest version of ‘Comin’ To Your City'” this year.

Lainey Wilson will sing the College GameDay theme song moving forward. (Photo by Erika Goldring/Getty Images for CMT)

So, how should that be interpreted? Did GameDay dump Big & Rich to then hire people to just sing pretty much the exact same music?

If that’s the case, it only further makes me believe the decision had nothing to do with music and was more about John Rich politics.

I attempted to get clarification on that issue from all sides involved last week, and got nowhere. You can watch the promo below.

What is ESPN doing?

Let me be clear that I really enjoy all these musical acts. Rucker, Wilson and The Cadillac Three are all great. This is about as good of a lineup as ESPN could have hoped for.

Rucker is a legend, Wilson is one of the fastest rising stars in country music and stars on “Yellowstone” and The Cadillac Three are a great alt-country group.

It’s a solid lineup, but what is the purpose of this? Why split from Big & Rich and then bring in other big names to sing an altered version of “Comin’ to Your City”? It makes no sense at all, and again, I say that as someone who likes them all.

Rucker’s version of “Wagon Wheel” is incredible, but that doesn’t mean he should be on College GameDay over Big & Rich.

It’s a very bizarre situation, and it makes absolutely no sense. Perhaps the decision will be explained this upcoming Saturday, but I definitely wouldn’t bank on it.

Written by David Hookstead

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