Oregon State Kicker Shares One Benefit To His Teammates Entering Transfer Portal

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Oregon State specialist Josh McCormick doesn’t like to see his friends leave the program and enter the transfer portal, but he is not afraid to admit that there is an added benefit. He gets more free swag, even though he gets plenty from the school whenever he wants.

Playing college football is awesome in its own right. In addition to the thrill of playing the game that you (hopefully) love, there are a lot of perks that make it even better.

Scholarship money helps pay for your education, team-specific meal plans help keep your cost of living down, academic counselors help cater to all of your needs free of cost, and there’s also all of the camaraderie, brotherhood and family element. That doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface, but it’s a start.

There’s also the Name, Image and Likeness component. Top talent and the most notable names are able to make a decent chunk of change through NIL opportunities in the modern era.

However, as a kicker and/or punter, most of those things aren’t as prevalent. There may not be scholarship money. Brands may not be as interested in partnering with you over the star quarterback— it depends on how players market themselves, and McCormick is really good at marketing himself.

Even still, it’s harder to sign big NIL deals as a specialist than a five-star skill player.

That’s where the free swag and the transfer portal comes into play.

No matter what sport you choose, the school and its official sponsor are going to hook it up with a lot of gear. Shoes, socks, shorts, hoodies, etc.

Who doesn’t love free gear? McCormick sure does, even though he doesn’t get as much as the skill players.


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With the transfer portal being as big as it is in college football today, McCormick has seen a lot of his teammates seek opportunity elsewhere. Oregon State had at least seven players enter the portal since August.

As sad as it is to see them go, they leave behind their Beavers-branded gear. While McCormick “values friendship more than materialistic sh*t,” their departure allows him to swoop in and get some more gear.

He recently shared video from the OSU locker room with all of the stuff left over from portal players.

In response to someone who expressed frustration with the fact that the football program gets “shiny stadiums and gear” while other students, “homeless students,” get overlooked, McCormick offered a great reply. He said that “they be actin like [he] run shii out here” and said to “take wit da president.”

That is above McCormick’s head. He just likes the apparel.


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So, while the transfer portal may see friends come and go, the drips lasts forever. McCormick loves the drip.

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