College Football Player Shares Harsh Reality Of Entering Transfer Portal Without Any Interested Suitors

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In the transfer portal era of college football, there is more movement within the sport than ever. However, entering the portal does not always end well.

Just ask R.J. Evans, who recently shared the awkward reality of his situation.

Evans, a redshirt sophomore at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff, stands 6-foot-1, 285 pounds. He has not seen much playing time with the Lions and chose to seek a new opportunity.

To do so, he entered the transfer portal as soon as the window opened. Evans has two years of eligibility remaining and will hope to finish out his college career with another school.

He, of course, was not the only player to do so and there is one big issue— nobody is interested in adding him to their roster. Or, at the very least, the programs that are interested in Evans are not of interest to him.

As a result, R.J. Evans is stuck in transfer portal limbo.

If there is nowhere for Evans to go, he will have to return to UAPB with his tail tucked between his legs. He alluded to that incredibly uncomfortable situation in a recent TikTok video.


Still got a month though 😂 #viral #d1 #football #fyp

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But will the Lions welcome him back after he wanted to leave? That is a question to which even Evans does not know the answer.

“You can do that?!” he was asked.

“We are about to find out,” Evans replied with a laugh.

There are still a few weeks remaining in the current transfer portal window. Evans may find a suitor that would save him from going back to Arkansas to beg for his spot back.

If not, there is no telling if the program will have room for him. It may have already filled his scholarship with a Class of 2023 recruit or another transfer player.

Evans’ case is not the only one of its kind. This is the new reality, and as grim, frustrating, or embarrassing as it may be, players having control of their careers is a good thing— but sometimes it may not work out as planned. Just ask R.J. Evans.

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