College Football Player Who Was Selling His Plasma To Pay For School Gets Scholarship

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College football camps are in full swing, which means one thing: it’s time for the annual surprise scholarship videos to start hitting the internet.

Right on cue, Eastern Michigan kicks off the new year with an absolute doozy of a video from over the weekend that’ll have you ready to run through a brick wall by the end.

Grab the tissues and maybe some shoulder pads if you have ’em!

Eastern Michigan player Zack Conti gets college football scholarship

Incredible. How about Eastern Michigan football player Zack Conti SELLING HIS PLASMA in order to afford school? Insane.

I’ll be honest with you, I have no clue what my plasma does or what it’s good for, but I’ve never once thought about selling it. Maybe there’s a market there? Who knows.

Anyway, turns out Conti has been grinding away since 2019 until team captain Brian Dooley said enough was enough and took matters into his own hands.

“Brian Dooley comes into my office and he said, ‘Coach, that guy has earned it. And I’ve talked this over with my family and the whole bit. And if there’s a way to make this happen, I am willing to give up my scholarship and to give it to Zack Conti.’

“I’ve never heard, I’ve never seen, anything like that ever before.”

That’s absolute next-level captainship right there. Brian Dooley immediately vaults to the top of college football’s coolest dudes. Give this guy the Heisman TODAY.


Written by Zach Dean

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