Colin Kaepernick’s Not Happy With NFL’s Level Of Woke, Wants Eric Reid Signed

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If you thought Colin Kaepernick would be happy with the NFL’s level of woke — end zone social justice messages, playing the black national anthem, allowing players to put social justice messages and names on the back of their helmets, midfield unity meetings — you’d be wrong. It’s not enough for the Woke Czar.

“While the NFL runs propaganda about how they care about Black Life, they are still actively blackballing Eric Reid (@E_Reid35) for fighting for the Black community,” the Woke Czar tweeted Sunday. “Eric set 2 franchise records last year, and is one of the best defensive players in the league.”

Kaepernick might’ve been onto something, but then he added Reid is “one of the best defensive players in the league.” Reid, 28, hasn’t made a Pro Bowl since 2013. Let’s look at the safety position right now. Ha Ha Clinton-Dix (started 16 games in 2019 just like Reid) is unemployed and a year younger than Reid. Earl Thomas, 31, is coming off a 2019 Pro Bowl appearance and is unemployed and it wasn’t due to his play on the field.

It’s a tough world out there finding employment, but the Woke Czar believes the NFL has it out for Reid. When you see blue checkmarks firing off tweets this week about Eric Reid being blackballed, keep in mind these other guys out here that are just as unemployed as Kaep’s buddy.

Written by Joe Kinsey

Joe Kinsey is the Senior Director of Content of OutKick and the editor of the Morning Screencaps column that examines a variety of stories taking place in real America.

Kinsey is also the founder of OutKick’s Thursday Night Mowing League, America’s largest virtual mowing league.

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  1. So I admit I’ve watched about 2 minutes of NFL football today. And that was just because I needed a good laugh. What a clown show! Refs and coaches wearing masks? Owners wearing masks in their boxes?! Jesus man. Dallas on national tv tonight. Opening weekend. used to be like a holiday. Prepping at 10am for the game. I almost felt like I was going to be playing. But tonight, I sat down to Life Liberty and Levin with an ice cold beer, and it never felt better. I hope dem Cowboys lose every game. Because instead of watching NFL, I’m going to be ending racism. If u really want to end racism, stop watching and start doing. Racism doesn’t wait for the games to end.

  2. Watched amazon prime (4 episodes of Season 2 “The Fall”) and read 50 pages of latest book.
    Watched Tom Brady’s first drive after opening kickoff. Saw him score 2 yd sneak…happy for him.
    That was it…CLICK.
    Don’t know, don’t care how America’s Team is doing…hope the lose big for Skippy’s sake.

  3. It’s so refreshing to hear Colin Kaepernick is going into black communities, urging kids to stay in school, avoid gangs & drugs, and to work hard at attaining the American dream. And stressing if they do those things, they’ll likely never confront the criminal justice system. Oh wait…wrong guy. Kaepernick is actually promoting the exact opposite. He is the Grievance Master, and kids looking up to him, believing what comes out of his mouth will grow up with a giant chip on their shoulder rather than a diploma in their hand and drive & confidence to succeed. And likely a nice long rap sheet.

    Kaep’s followers are angry, poor & easily influenced. Kaep’s enablers are scheming, rich (and mostly white) progressive media & entertainment types. Kaepernick’s social media acolytes have been called useful idiots. But the truth is, Kaepernick himself is the useful idiot. Next time you see him, look close….you may just see the strings.

  4. Shocking. Kap not happy. Shocking. Didn’t see that coming. That was out of nowhere. Figured like a deranged scorned lover he would be all good where the state of things are in the NWFL. Yes, we’ve inserted the W for Woke. Kap is not getting happy in his lifetime. As I tell my kids better learn while you’re young. This will be a miserable bastard no matter how much fellow loser athletes and pundits lift him skyward. There is no journey to a finish line in store here. Just complaining. Never mentioning black on black crime, lack of fathers, you get the idea…

  5. Here is a crystal clear illustration that you cannot appease the woke armies. Make no mistake, they are not interested in your surrender. They want your destruction. The sooner people get that through their head (ahem…Drew Breese) the better.

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