Colin Kaepernick Working With Scholastic To Release Children’s Book

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Colin Kaepernick is working on publishing a children’s book titled I Color Myself Different that will highlight the childhood experience that shaped the former quarterback’s outlook on race.

According to the New York Post report, the story is described as the moment Kaepernick began to grasp the complexity of race in America — a lesson learned inside an elementary classroom. Kaepernick talks about seeing himself as the Black son to White parents, and how it set the aspiring athlete on a path to full-blown political activist.

Scholastic will be publishing the project, with more works on the way based on a multi-book deal signed by Colin Kaepernick and his personal publishing team.

The publishing house gave their thoughts on the opportunity to work alongside Colin, and sharing a story that aims to inspire other children to explore a different perspective on race in America.

“During a kindergarten exercise on drawing families, Kaepernick remembers putting down the yellow crayon he had been using to draw his family and picking up the brown crayon for himself. This moment crystallized for him the differences marked by his adoption, and how acknowledging those distinctions could encourage us all to be more accepting of ourselves and each other.”

Scholastic Vice President of Global Licensing, Brands & Media, Debra Dorfman, shared the following about working with the former NFL player — also branded as of the most radicalized political figures in America.

“Colin’s reputation as a thought leader precedes him, but it was also clear when we met that his mission and purpose were very much aligned with Scholastic’s.”

The book is scheduled to release on April 5, 2022. Alternate titles pitched on behalf of OutKick went as follows:

The Scythe, The Sickle and the Wardrobe

Brown Bear, Brown Bear. Why Do You Ask?

If You Give A Mouse The Means Of Production

The Giving Tree 2: Tax Day

Good Dogma, Karl

Colin And The Red Crayon

Written by Alejandro Avila

Alejandro Avila lives in Southern California and previously covered news for the LA Football Network. Jeopardy expert and grumpy sports fan that has watched every movie.


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    • Exactly. Work a second job if you have to. Imagine if the government forced kids at age 3 to go to pre-K camps that stressed conservative values and love of country, there would be an uproar. But mandatory grade 1-12 public schools are turning into leftist indoctrination camps, and parents are supposed to be fine with it.

  1. As he’s sitting in the Colorado suburbs with his white friends saying “dude they’re still falling for it, these idiots are making me rich. Y’all know damn well I don’t care about oppression hell I was raised by rich white parents, c’mon guys Blaine Gabbert beat me out of a job. My career was over”

  2. Idiot doing the black power salute even though he was raised upper middle class in the burbs by a loving white family he’s trying really hard with the fro and corn rows what a fucking phony doesn’t know if he’s coming or going gtfo

  3. Well I got shot at but did not get hit so I guess that kind of makes me a combat vet. I just think it is sad that when you reap the benefits of this great country you still sxit all over it. This kid Kapernik was half white, grew up with both parents White adopted him from his irresponsible black parents, got a full ride and never struggled, multi mllionairre yet sxits all over the country that made it possible for him. I mean, really? Pathetic excuse for a human if you ask me, just swallow a bullet if you have that much hate in you.

  4. Colin Crappernick – only in America, adopted by a white family who took care of his needs, mediocre QB who didn’t work at his game, wanted starter money to be a back-up, claims racism, and becomes a millionaire and all the sheep nod their heads and claim him to be a brave hero. Unreal. This guys is such a fraud, he should join Fraudcci, Weekend at Bindens and King Hussein Obama in the scrap heap of woke history.

  5. A light skinned half black guy raised by white parents and grows up white in a totally quiet household with all his needs met. Been pampered his whole life all the way up until he gets benched for Blaine Gabbert. Then he throws a tantrum and started getting shit on in the media so he and his activist girlfriend concocted a story about sitting on the bench for the 10-15 unarmed black men killed by police every year. Out of 320 million people in the US keep in mind.Then talked to that army guy and started kneeling. So now he has to lean into his blackness 150% so he can become a victim. Since he hasn’t grown up black or lived the black experience he has an inferiority complex and must be the blackest black man alive. Hence the African shirts, Afro, black fist t shirts, kunta kinte shirts. But anyone being honest knows the guys a fraud. He’s a poser. He’s fake as shit.

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