‘Colin Kaepernick Deserves Another Chance’: Mike Singletary on OutKick 360

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Colin Kaepernick worked out for the Raiders last week in an attempt to find a spot on an NFL roster after five seasons out of the league.

After he took a knee during the national anthem while playing for the San Francisco 49ers, he became less a football player and more of a symbol of defiance. As he looks to regain his place in the league, the OutKick 360 team asked Mike Singletary his thoughts on the embattled quarterback.

By many accounts, his tryout with the Raiders looked like someone who had not worked at the NFL level in 5 years. The Raiders did say that there were bright spots, but there would not be any announcement imminently. Kaepernick will continue to look for opportunities with other teams.

Written by Bill Graff

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  1. I love Mike, but I am pretty sure he has been given chance after chance at these workouts and tryouts the last 5-6 years. The problem is no teams, coaches, or players for that matter, think he’s good enough to use a roster spot on considering the amount of distraction he will bring. This isn’t rocket science. They’d rather have a guy just as or more talented who’s 24 instead of 34, and not going to be a headache. Don’t give this guy your compassion. He’s an anarchist.

  2. Free enterprise system and capitalism.

    As woke as the NFL is they are smart enough to know who their fan base is.

    It’s your working class, all American, average Joe that just wants to watch football.

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