CNN Compares Trump to Hitler and Kristallnacht Years

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CNN is having a moment. Again.

This time, CNN Chief International Anchor Christiane Amanpour casually compared President Donald Trump’s four years in office to the violent, anti-Jewish Kristallnacht, which saw buildings set on fire, books burned, and Jewish citizens murdered.

Per CNN and Amanpour, those violent attacks mirror our last four years:

“A modern-day assault on those same values by Trump.”

Is that so, CNN?

Amanpour’s comments follow a trend set by left-wing media. When they run out of points to make, they compare Trump’s reign to Nazi Germany. Is it lazy? Yes. Is it effective among ill-informed Twitter users? Also yes.

It is as if this gross analogy was sent as a talking point from a Democratic precinct. Just a few days ago, MSNBC had political expert Robert De Niro on to discuss Trump. You guessed it. He compared him to Adolf Hitler.

Not a lot individual thinking going on these days. 

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  1. Clearly, that’s why Israeli Jews have giant “Trump Pence” billboards everywhere in Jerusalem (pre-embassy move). Even the taxi drivers in Tel Aviv during his first inauguration assumed that American Jews were responsible for getting him elected (which I had to correct them on.) I remember when Amanpour was actually a decent conflict reporter (early 90s), but Lara Logan took that crown with both hands.

  2. Fake news asswipes like CNN and MSNBC would be Hilters favorite news source. The terrorist cult known as the DemocRat party has supported middle east terrorists and have nothing but hate for Isreal. I am completely amazed that any America n Jewish person votes for Americas Nazis, the DemocRat party.

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