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CNN’s Ratings are an Unfixable Disaster

Well, CNN spent most of its summer falling hard into the cement. Nielsen data shows that CNN failed to reach 1 million viewers on 53 out of the last 92 days. CNN recorded an average of 603,000 in total day viewership, a 42% decrease from 2020. In primetime, CNN has collapsed. CNN’s primetime lineup drew 1 million viewers on just 12 of the same 92 days. For those who don’t know — and based on the numbers, that’s many of you — Anderson Cooper, Chris Cuomo, and Don Lemon are CNN’s primetime hosts. So not exactly an intriguing or ethical group of guys. Compared to the summer of 2020, the Cooper-Cuomo-Lemon trio lost 50% of its viewership. How horrific. CNN’s tank-job began the moment Donald Trump left office. Like most trends in TV news, Trump is the explanation for CNN’s fall. Trump made Fox News and MSNBC more of what they already were, but CNN reinvented itself during Trump’s presidency. CNN started over in 2016. From the start of Trump-Clinton to Trump’s exit from Washington, CNN focused almost entirely on bringing Trump down. One could argue, CNN did that well, at least to those who enjoy that type of pandering. […]



Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.