CNN Incorrectly Reports Big Ten Start Date, Bob Costas Calls Football ‘Mindless Obsession’

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CNN host Don Lemon welcomed in longtime American sportscaster turned CNN contributor Bob Costas onto his show Friday night. The goal? Well, that is somewhat unclear. It looked like the point was to about the return of Big Ten football, and really football in general.

Let’s just say it was a disaster from the start.

First off, the headline read “Big Ten resuming college football games this weekend.” Seemingly harmless headline, right? Well, except the fact that the Big Ten does not start college football games this weekend. The first game isn’t until Friday, Oct. 23 when Illinois travels to Wisconsin to take on the Badgers.

How does CNN let that sort of mistake happen? It’s not hard to check a start date. It’s the entire point of the segment.

That was bad enough. But of course, it didn’t stop there. Instead, Costas had to take a pop shot at one of the sports he helped cover for a large part of his 38-year career at NBC Sports. He says the Big Ten was pressured into a return by fans, alumni and financial considerations after originally balking at the idea.

“You know I think football in general, and in this case college football has become in too many instances, not a nice, pleasurable pastime or an interest of some kind, but a mindless obsession,” Costas said during the interview.

For someone who has been around the sport for approaching 50 years, it’s safe to say that “obsession” helped Costas cash a few paychecks. Of course, it wasn’t an issue then, however.

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Written by Clint Lamb

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  1. How many times can another elitist fucktard, in this instance Costas, piss on the everyday American’s head? It’s beyond tiresome and voters will administer payback at the polls. This election has boiled down to class warfare — elites who will tear the country down to keep their money, privilege, and power versus everyday people who cherish their freedom and love their country, warts and all. Its Wall Street, Big Tech/Media, and Big Academia vs. Mainstreet. Vote Trump.

  2. Add Bob to the list of wealthy, elitist journalists who has been getting paid all through this. His existence is “essential”. For those who work at stadiums and own businesses affected by the stoppage in play, just stay home and wait for your check from the government. Sacrifices have to be made.

    • 100. Costas is a smart dude. One would think he would be able to evaluate the economic factors at play and weight it vs the actual risk. He’s either willfully ignorant or knows and just doesn’t care because he’d rather virtue signal.

  3. Bob has been saying this for decades and actually begged to be taken off NBC football coverage.

    Problem is that Football set the table for all media driven sports. And its the Most Masculine Sport. So of course a Corona-baby Costas will stick to what he doesn’t know.

  4. Uhhhh… Did they forget one of the main forces behind resuming play again? The actual players. I’m not saying the others reasons aren’t true but let’s be real, the vast majority of players wanted to play and those who didn’t were cleared to opt out for this season. Can we stop acting like this is some sort of big injustice? God forbid anyone wanting to resume to any type of normalcy. These lame MF are so out of touch with the common man.

  5. Costas is Such a TOOL.
    Like Clay and others have said, if he is so disgusted by the sport, just refuse to cover it. He can even do it “Super Virtue Signaling Style” by walking out of the booth during a game. THAT will Show Us!

    • Give Costas credit on that front. He asked to be taken off of Sunday Night Football because of his concerns with CTEs, so at least he isn’t a hypocrite. Costas is a HOF broadcaster, and it is not unusual in his profession to become disillusioned later in their career. Howard Cosell spoke out against boxing later in his career, there are numerous examples. And I get it, when you are supposed to report on, and not have a rooting interest in, the sports you cover, I would think you lose the passion and can only see the underbelly.

  6. When Don Lemon says “Amen”, something really stupid had just been uttered. Those “financial considerations” that Costas laments are directly linked to thousands of jobs that keep a roof over people’s heads and food on their tables.

  7. I didn’t see the interview. But did Costas discuss with Lemon the dangers of Lemon sticking his testicle touching fingers in the faces of unsuspecting young men? I would love to see Lemon have some infectious disease experts like Dr. Fauci on his show to discuss this practice by Lemon.

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