CNN Fires Three Employees Who Did Not Get COVID-19 Vaccine

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CNN President Jeff Zucker says the network has terminated three employees who came into the office unvaccinated.

“We have a zero-tolerance policy on this,” Zucker said.

Zucker sent CNN staff members the following memo, which the New York Times obtained:

All adults who want to get vaccinated can receive the vaccine. Unvaccinated co-workers are not a threat to vaccinated adults, even though CNN tells its viewers they are. However, a rule is a rule until it’s changed. I disagreed with the rule that Sha’Carri Richardson couldn’t smoke weed ahead of the Olympics. Yet it is the rule, and Richardson broke it. If you want to challenge authority — which I often encourage — you don’t do it by breaking the rule and getting fired or suspended.

As for the legal aspect, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission updated its guidelines in May to state that U.S. employers could require workers who physically enter a workplace to be vaccinated against COVID-19. This statement appears to protect CNN’s decision.

Unless that line changes, CNN can continue to fire the unvaccinated and keep Zoom masturbators.

Written by Bobby Burack

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    • That’s what anyone with common sense would think right? They might as well start firing women who don’t get abortions to avoid missing work time. If they can fire you for not taking an experimental shot with no clear scientific proof it protects others around you, what can’t they mandate you do to your body or be fired? This is an insane precedent that needs to be fought in court.

  1. They’re better off anyway. That said, what I have read is that there are no current court decisions which would set up precedent of whether or not people can be mandated by an employer to get this shot; hesitate to say vaccine because it’s not even FDA approved. Point being, I think this is yet to be decided by the courts.

  2. I bet all three were white. The largest majority of non vaccinated people by race are African Americans. Large companies will not be sending large numbers of black employees to the streets. It wont happen. Remember Biden’s…all federal employees will get vaccinated “or else”? Who is the largest employer of African Americans in the U.S.? You guessed it….the Federal Govt. (local and state govts are second). Biden’s “or else” turned into ‘must get tested and wear masks” pretty quick.

  3. I’m shocked there aren’t massive lawsuits fighting this stuff. It’s unconstitutional and a violation of basic civil rights over our own bodies. Where are the ambulance chasing lawyers when you freakin need them????

    • Courts have ruled several districts that private companies can mandate vaccines. The nurse is in Houston already lost that fight. People are so dumb. These three for some time had it been working but not vaccinated. They obviously blabbed to somebody or put it on their social media page.

  4. “We have a zero-tolerance policy on this,” Zucker said.
    Tossing off while broadcasting? Covering for your governor brother with a blatant conflict of interest as a supposed unbiased media figure?

    Oh, you mean people making their own medical decisions about experimental drugs. Got it.


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