CNN, ‘Experts’ Declare Lack Of Black Doctors Public Health Crisis

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Today, we checked back in with our friends at CNN. In non-Don Lemon news, the network is warning of a public health crisis.

The crisis stems from the lack of diversity in the operating room.

According to CNN, black people make up only 6 percent of doctors in the United States. The outlet reached out to so-called “experts” to ask them what that means.

And the “experts” found themselves concerned:

Are these medical experts the same experts who preached about the effectiveness of mask-wearing, a ploy even the New York Times has since ridiculed?

Urging industries to hire on the basis of racial equity is an inherently flawed practice. Of course, it’s less concerning when it’s for jobs of minimal impact, like an anchor on MSNBC or a journalist for Slate.

If there’s a field in which the skin colors of the professional ought to be a non-factor, it’s those who save lives.

“In matters of life or death we’re now prioritizing ‘diversity’ over death,” Fox News host Will Cain tweeted in response to the CNN segment. “FIND THE BEST DOCTORS REGARDLESS OF RACE.”

And CNN would agree via a truth serum.

The two pinheads in the segment can screech about diversity but we all know should they ever need brain surgery, diversity would be a non-factor in their choosing of medical officials.

As Cain also notes, CNN’s own study showed a larger gap between the population demographic and U.S. doctors for Hispanics than for black Americans. Yet, CNN made no mention of the racial inequality Latinos face during its segment warning of a crisis.

Do #HispanisPatientsNotMatter?

Or is building a headline around Hispanics, the group most underrepresented in the medical field, not as advantageous and juicy?

After all, Hispanics account for around 19 percent of the population, a percentage far greater than the number of Hispanic hosts on CNN.

See, the corporate media prioritizes not diversity but hysteria. And decrying the lack of black faces in a particular field is a means to generate lasting hysteria while purporting to battle for diversity.

Speaking of qualifications it’s unclear if black females over 40 can perform sufficiently in the medical field. Per CNN’s own Don Lemon, those women are past their working “primes.”

Written by Bobby Burack

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  1. There is no way I will ever have a black doctor performing surgery on me in the future. You know they will have gotten into med school with a lower GPA than I had in school (not good). They are already trying to water done medical school ent exams. Screw that.

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