CNN Calls Upon Trans Rabbi to Say Hamas Is Not ‘Fundamental Threat in Israel’

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According to CNN, “This rabbi says the ‘fundamental threat’ in Israel is not Hamas.”

Here is a look at the rabbi:

Thoughts? Questions?

Apparently, CNN sought the opinion of someone who could represent the point of view of the American Jews — a perspective the network has struggled to represent since the start of the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas.

So, the channel called upon a transgender with a beard to provide that perspective.

His name is Jessica Rosenberg. He reportedly works for a George Soros organization.

The segment went about as you could expect. Take a look:

“We cannot bomb our way to peace,” says the rabbi.

“Rabbi Jessica Rosenberg confronted President Biden about a ceasefire in Gaza during a campaign fundraiser in Minneapolis,” said the CNN page promoting Rosenberg’s appearance.

“She joined ‘CNN This Morning’ to explain why she continues to demand this and to send a message to the Jewish community.”

Not even when Jeff Zucker was in charge did characters like Rosenberg appear on air as a voice of the Jews?

Too bad Brian Stelter isn’t here to justify it…

As always, never trust a man with a goatee who pretends to be a woman and goes on CNN to say the “fundamental threat in Israel is not Hamas.”

It’s a good life rule.

Of course, Hamas is the fundamental threat in Israel. And we can’t quite figure out how CNN could book this rabbi and it not be a parody.

Yet here we are.

Written by Bobby Burack

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