CNN And MSNBC Ignore IRS Whistleblower Testifying About Hunter Biden

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The most newsworthy story of the day is the IRS whistleblowers testifying about Hunter Biden‘s criminal case in front of the GOP-led House Oversight Committee.

Also known by CNN and MSNBC as not part of the news.

Wednesday, Mediaite reported that MSNBC ignored the hearing entirely. The network did not mention the hearings during its 1 P.M. news hour nor has it covered the allegations of DOJ misconduct in the Hunter Biden investigation.

CNN, meanwhile, briefly mentioned the hearing for about 30 seconds. CNN had to quickly return to its coverage of Chris Christie and climate change.

And this:

According to Fox News, Ziegler is expected to testify that Hunter Biden “should have been charged with a tax felony, and not only the tax misdemeanor charge,” and that communications and text messages reviewed by investigators “may be a contradiction to what President Biden was saying about not being involved in Hunter’s oversea business dealings.”

The second whistleblower — previously known as “Whistleblower X” — was revealed to be special agent Joseph Ziegler, a gay Democrat with more than a dozen years serving within the IRS’ criminal investigative division.

During the hearing, he revealed felony charges plotted for Hunter Biden in the wake of the tax scandal.

Burying a hearing with such developments involving the sitting president’s son is best described as media manipulation.

This week, I discussed with Fox News contributor Lisa Boothe how the corporate media uses its near-monolithic prowess to intercept the spread of factual information.

Go listen:

CNN and MSNBC feared the Republicans at the hearing would inform viewers of the two-tiered justice system in place to protect Hunter Biden and arrest former President Donald Trump.

Perhaps their primetime lineups will cover the matter later today, after their producers prepare talking points to downplay the revelations.

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