AEW To Decide If It Will Fire CM Punk By Wednesday Night

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AEW will announce by the end of the day Wednesday whether CM Punk will remain with the wrestling company, Sports Illustrated reports.

If AEW does not fire Punk, it will suspend him for a real-life altercation on Sunday following the All Out PPV.

For a recap:

Punk went off script during the post-show presser to accuse Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks’ Matt and Nick Jackson, all of whom are EVPs and on-screen performers, of leaking slanderous information about him:

AEW has already suspended Omega and the Bucks, SI adds.

Following the presser, multiple reports say Omega and the Bucks approached Punk in his locker room. That’s when Punk punched Matt Jackson, and his ally Ace Steel threw a chair at Nick Jackson and bit Omega.

Ace Steel is not expected back with the company after biting a man.

AEW has not commented on the matter because of potential legal issues.  For those unaware, it’s illegal for wrestlers to go off script and legitimately hit each other with chairs and start biting.

AEW has hired an external third party to investigate the incident.

Punk and the EVPs were originally scheduled to appear on AEW’s flagship program “Dynamite,” tonight. That is obviously not the case now.

In addition, the company has no plans to turn this into a storyline given the serious ramifications. 

The show would, however, have to address Punk’s status at some point. Punk won the AEW Championship on Sunday to set up a feud with MJF, who is advertised for the show tonight.

Most likely, AEW will announce in the coming weeks that it has stripped Punk of the championship to set up a title program with MJF and someone else, perhaps Jon Moxley.

CM Punk is the biggest draw in AEW. His two PPV main events drew gates of over $1 million, the first two in company history.

Losing him would be no small development. Still, he appears unemployable. Watch him at the presser: he doesn’t play a nut on television — he is a nut.

He’s Antonio Brown in the wrestling ring: a real-life villain whose nuttiness outweighs his generational talents.

Prediction: we see a press release by 8 pm announcing CM Punk’s departure from AEW.

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