Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi Promote Conspiracy About Putin-Capitol Riot

Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi hosted a podcast together. Did you listen? If not, you missed the two women pitching a wild conspiracy that Russian president Vladimir Putin may have been behind last week’s U.S. Capitol riot.

“I would love to see [Trump’s] phone records to see whether he was talking to Putin the day that the insurgents invaded our Capitol,” Clinton recklessly speculated, per the Daily Wire.

If the Democrats really want to unify the country, they are off to a bad start. A former presidential candidate, who refused to admit she lost in 2016, strongly indicates that Putin was behind the Capitol attack and that Trump agreed to his involvement. Instead of pushing back against the unsupported idea, the Speaker of the House added to the baseless claim.

“To your point,” Pelosi responds, “who is [Trump] beholden to? As I’ve said over and over, as I said to him in that picture with my blue suit as I was leaving, what I was saying to him as I was pointing, rudely, at him: ‘With you, Mr. President, all roads lead to Putin.’ I don’t know what Putin has on him politically, financially, or personally, but what happened last week was a gift to Putin, because Putin wants to undermine democracy in our country and throughout the world.”

All roads lead to Putin, she says. Got that?

(Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Pelosi goes on: “They were doing Putin’s business when they did that at the incitement of an insurrection by the president of the United States.”

The timing here is phenomenal. Pelosi, her party, and social media cite unsupported claims of election fraud as the reason for violence at the Capitol. In response, the speaker floats unsupported claims that the president allowed the violent insurrection on behalf of Vladimir Putin, who may have been on the phone with Trump.

Is this conversation allowed on Twitter? Of course it is.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. America’s cancer in one photo: The lunatic Botoxed drunk and stupid nasty Nancy & the murderous mentally deranged master criminal PantsSuitedThug Killary Klinton. Did they mention that creepy crackhead pervert Hunter was the real Russian asset???

  2. My headline…

    Two time Presidential candidate loser Hillary Clinton

    Did they do this podcast before or after their coven meeting? Was Putin in their nightmares the night before?

    And I’ll put it this way…my sympathy for Bill Clinton is about as small as it can get before it’s none. The only reason I have any is because he’s married to that.

  3. Tim Pool perfectly has explained what’s going on in his recent videos. The left’s psycho conspiracy theories are legitimized by social media and corporate propaganda outlets while right-wing counterparts are banned and kept at the fringes. It’s not about disinformation or anything of the like; it’s about power at any cost and any level of insanity.

    Watch Timcast and get educated, folks.

  4. Satan (2016): I told you Hillary read the contract. It says two Presidential TERMS. Two. It’s not my fault Bill took them both. HAHAHAHA

    Satan (yesterday): Yeah that’s great. Great burn you really showed him. Of course I will mention it to Vlad when I speak to him later. Hmm. hmm. Look I really need to get back to Xi, he’s freaking about this whole vaccine thing. Ok, ok…take care. Tell Nance I will see her soon.

  5. It goes deeper than the comments and the article. Pelosi, Clinton, Biden, etc etc love China and bow down to the CCP. If they can hide the ball even more by somehow blaming Russia for the capitol problems we had a couple weeks ago well even better. Don’t look at China, look at Russia. Is Russia to be trusted, no, but they don’t control the world nearly as aggressively and as much as China.

  6. There’s really no need for Putin to be involved in any sort of Capitol insurrection plot. He, like China, Iran, North Korea and other bad actor nation on the world stage knows that as of today, things are returning back to the good old days.

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