City Of Cleveland Not Allowing Alcohol At Famous Browns ‘Muni Lot’ Tailgate Is The World’s Most Ridiculous Rule

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The Browns are set for their first home game of the season Sunday, which also marks the first home tailgate of the year. Cleveland fans are known to be amongst the craziest and most passionate in the league, but the city has a bizarre rule in place that would significantly affect the pregame experience if it was to be enforced.

Fortunately, it’s not.

Of the many tailgates outside of First Energy Stadium, the Muni Lot is the most famous. The fans always turn up. It is one the rowdiest tailgates in the NFL and it’s always packed.

Fans arrive in custom, tricked-out tailgate vehicles.

And they get there crazy early to try and claim their spot.

Here are a few looks at the absolute scenes from last year:

While the Muni Lot is full of wild and crazy Browns fans, one of the rules that is in place is absurd.

The city of Cleveland confirmed earlier this week that the lot will be open starting at 5 a.m. on Sunday. It will cost $30 to park in the lot.

Cleveland Browns Fans Muni Lot Tailgate No Alcohol
Browns fans celebrate at The Muni Lot in Cleveand, Ohio. (Photo by Angelo Merendino/Corbis via Getty Images)

In addition, the city released the following rules for those planning to park there:

  • No open pit fires
  • Propane grills only
  • No alcohol
  • Spaces cannot be saved
  • No in-and-out privileges
  • All litter must go in trash containers
  • Vandalism will not be tolerated
  • No crossing the Shoreway
  • No private latrines
  • Lanes must remain clear of activity

These rules have been in place for a few years now. They’re not new and they are in place to ensure the safety of fans.

However — with that being said — what are we doing???


The rule is likely in place to give the police a little bit extra leeway in terms of reckless behavior. It is easier to pin an “alcohol” violation on an unruly or intoxicated fan than trying to deal with breathalyzing or things of that nature.

But really?! This is a real thing?!

One of the craziest tailgates in the country does not technically allow alcohol. And yet we have fans beer bonging in the parking lot. It’s absolutely ridiculous to even list it in the first place.

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