Cleveland Browns Complain Of Lack Of Leadership During Post Game Tirade

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Things are going just swimmingly for the Cleveland Browns. Following Sunday’s loss to Baltimore – their fourth straight defeat – Browns players were heard screaming inside the locker room during a post game tirade. People near the scene insist the players weren’t haggling over post game dinner plans.

Instead, at least one unidentified player was heard yelling “no f*cking leadership!” The leadership dig was heard by Browns reporter Zac Jackson of The Athletic.

It’s almost as if that’s what happens when “leadership” is sidelined 11 games (see: Watson, Deshaun).

“Yeah, that’s normal,” head coach Kevin Stefanski said after the game. “Normal football.”

Something tells me there’s no leadership complaints in Kansas City or Buffalo. But, whatever you say, Kev!

Lamar Jackson #8 of the Baltimore Ravens stiff-arms Deion Jones #54 of the Cleveland Browns, who were complaining about leadership following the loss. (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images).

Cleveland Is 1-1 In The AFC North

The Cleveland Browns player (or players) screaming about the lack of leadership on Sunday certainly have a valid argument. Cleveland put this dumpster fire in motion last offseason when they opted to trade for Watson, knowing he’d be suspended.

Now, they’re sans a first round draft pick this year and next. Not to mention, Cleveland’s still without Watson until the first week in December. Oh, and the defense would be lucky to stop a MAC team from successfully running the option.

To running back Kareem Hunt, the post game tirade seemed like a common occurrence (I mean, these are still the Browns, after all). “A little frustrated but it ain’t nothing,” Hunt told the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “We’re a team, it was more talking. Nobody’s happy we lost.”

Fortunately for the Browns, they can sweep this under the rug and move onto the next game.

Yeah, right.

“I think the emotions of a football game is probably on us right now,” Quarterback Jacoby Brissett told “But I think the guys in that room understand that hey, we’re allowed that until the end of the flight and then we get back in and we got to go back to work because we do have a big game coming up.”

That “big game” – it’s a week from tonight, when Cleveland hosts Joe Burrow (481 passing yards, 4 total touchdowns Sunday) and the Bengals on Halloween night.

Talk about scary.

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Written by Anthony Farris

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