Clemson’s Best Hitter Suspended For Elimination Game After Ump Show Results In Bogus Ejection Over Harmless Chirping

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Saturday’s college baseball game between Clemson and Tennessee was one for the ages, but the umpiring crew found a way to suck all of the energy out of the night by ejecting Cam Cannarella for what appeared to be a ludicrous reason. As a result, the Tigers’ best hitter will also miss the team’s next game.

It’s a real shame.

Cannarella, a freshman, leads Clemson in batting average, hits, runs and runs batted in during his first year with the program. He was crucial on Saturday, during the Tigers’ second game of their Regional at home in South Carolina.

The young outfielder went yard in the bottom of the fifth inning to take the lead.

His RBI double in the bottom of the ninth inning kept his team alive after being down to its final strike.

Cannarella had ice in his veins and sent the game to extra innings but didn’t get to finish out what he started. The ump show took place in the 14th.

Cam Cannarella got tossed.

Umpires had issued warnings to both teams earlier in the game after a group of Tennessee players ran in front of Clemson’s starting pitcher. A warning sets a precedent for ejection after any succeeding funny business.

Apparently, after a crucial inning-ending double play, Cannarella’s chirping was deemed funny business. He and Vols baserunner Zane Denton exchanged some words as the former went back into the dugout. The umpire decided that it deserved an ejection.

Although we don’t know exactly what Cannarella said, it was a disappointing decision by the umpire. There wasn’t anything egregious that was said, as far as we know, and I can only think of one, maybe two or three words that warrant an immediate ejection like that. We would probably know if he had said one of those words.

Cannarella and Denton were jawing in the 13th inning of a postseason game. To throw him out in that scenario is a very bold and frustrating call.

Because Cannarella was tossed on Saturday, and Clemson went on to lose, he will miss the Tigers’ next game — an elimination game — against Charlotte. All because he was chirping an opponent in the 13th. Boo.

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