Clemson Basketball Player Explains His ‘Balls Exploded’ In Hospital Update

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Clemson senior Brevin Galloway may need to borrow a ball pump after his latest medical emergency.

The 6-foot-2 Tigers guard went to Instagram Thursday night to deliver the deflating news that he’ll be missing some upcoming action for Clemson after suffering a bizarre injury.

Galloway detailed that after working out Thursday morning and taking a nap, he woke up to find that his testicles had ballooned to the size of basketballs, requiring an immediate trip to the hospital.

The player sounded dazed from all the anesthetics but was well enough to record an Instagram video to give an encouraging update on his ball-busting hospital trip.

“This morning, I went to lift; I came back; I took a nap; I woke up from my nap. My balls and my nutsack were exploded,” Galloway said.

Thankfully the doctors were able to get his balls back in shape … normal shape, that is.

“Now, I go to the doctor; I have surgery; three hours later, my balls are reduced to a normal size. … I don’t know what happened to my balls; I guess they were trying to be like basketballs. Now I’m going to be spoiled for the next 48 hours, and I will be back in a uniform shortly. Go Tigers.”

Galloway last appeared on the court for the Tigers on Tuesday, taking on Georgia Tech and winning 72-51. He scored 14 points and tallied five assists in the win.

Is this the greatest comeback in basketball history? Losing your nuts and gaining them back in three hours? Let’s see LeBron do that … we’ll wait.

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