Clay: Woke Ruckus Continues At ESPN

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Clay Travis and Buck Sexton discussed the ongoing drama at ESPN between Rachel Nichols and Maria Taylor on Tuesday.

Clay: Buck, we were just talking about this off the air. Remember yesterday we talked about Rachel Nichols, who was really upset that she got replaced by a black woman in her hosting duties at the NBA Finals… Maria Taylor, by the way, replaced her. She has now been pulled off of the NBA Finals sidelines and replaced by another black woman, Malika Andrews.

This is pretty crazy. It’s funny to me in many ways because Rachel Nichols is one of those woke white people we were talking about. They’re all in favor, Buck, of diversity and inclusion, as long as diversity and inclusion doesn’t actually threaten their own jobs — and then, boy oh boy, are they not happy about it at all.

Buck: And clearly, she had insufficient wokeness insurance. You know, the policy didn’t cover saying that she thought an African-American female colleague was not as qualified as her for that job. Her wokeness policy did not get her out of that problem.

Clay: She lost two jobs, so I actually had to give ESPN credit. It’s kind of funny in an ironic way. She said (summarized), “Hey, this woman, Maria Taylor, doesn’t deserve to have my job. She’s getting this gig because of diversity,” and then the New York Times has a huge story on July 4th, front page of their Sports section, about Rachel Nichols’ comments there, and then they replace her with another black woman. Now she loses another job.

Here was part of Clay and Buck’s original conversation from Monday:

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  1. She needs to be terminated. A white woman claiming a woman of color got an assignment, not because of her qualifications, but because she is black? Rachel Nichols sounds like a white supremacist. If she believes in the BLM movement as strongly as she has claimed, she should have given up her entire contract and left the company so a woman of color could have had the opportunity. Welcome to Marxist, wokeism, ideology honey. She should be terminated and banned from all media forever. Disgusting behavior by Rachel Nichols.

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