Clay Travis, Will Cain Talk All-Time NBA Ratings Tank

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Will Cain, co-host of Fox & Friends and host of the — highly recommended — Will Cain Podcast, joined Clay Travis for his weekly segment on OutKick. The two talked about the NFL Draft, Aaron Rodgers’ drama, ranking the NFL Draft as a sports topic, woke fraud LeBron James, and the Washington Football Team.

Clay and Will also got into why the media continues to cover the NBA, despite its all-time low ratings, like it’s the NFL.

“Let’s talk about why that is,” Will says. “This is behind the curtains, behind the wall of sports media: the NBA is over-indexed because big media companies own their rights.”

“The amount of NBA coverage you get is not reflective of the demand out there,” Will goes on. “This shows in the ratings. People don’t care about the NBA like pop culture and the media want you to believe.”

“On the opposite end of that spectrum is baseball, which generates zero discussion,” Will adds.

“The World Series crushed the NBA Finals,” Clay responds. “Crushed it.”

Clay goes on to say, “Here’s why I think that is: baseball is hugely popular among the local markets but doesn’t have the national appeal.

“I’ll give you an example, just tossing this one out, the Atlanta Braves are way more popular than the Atlanta Hawks, in the city of Atlanta, but the NBA is far more popular in the Atlanta area than Major League Baseball is on a national level.

“It’s because, as you mentioned, Will, everybody has a strong opinion of LeBron James, not that many people have that strong opinion of Mike Trout.”

Will responds by saying the NFL is the best of both worlds because it has the most local fandom and is the most popular on the national level.

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Written by Bobby Burack

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