Clay Travis: The NFL Is Facing A Major Problem By Having Los Angeles Host The Super Bowl

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Big business is moving out of California as COVID restrictions stymie a return to normalcy within the Blue state.

With the Super Bowl just weeks away and scheduled to be played at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, CA, the NFL is keeping a second venue on standby in the great state of Texas — where COVID restrictions don’t impact one’s livelihood or business, unlike Los Angeles.

Clay Travis spoke on LA’s COVID situation and its impact on the Super Bowl during Wednesday’s OutKick the Show.

He lauded the NFL for considering a move out of Los Angeles while advising them to act quickly before a surge in Omicron cases handcuffs them to LA’s restrictions — risking the fate of the season’s most profitable game.

“I’ve been saying that the NFL needs to aggressively prepare to host the Super Bowl somewhere other than in Los Angeles,” Clay said.

As Omicron spreads and pumps daily counts to near all-time highs, Clay warns that the Golden State lacks the “logic” and “reason” to respond to the spike in a sane approach.

“California is going to be one of the first states to shut down, to restrict crowds, to disallow normalcy to exist,” Clay warned.

The liberal agenda for COVID is already coming to fruition in other parts of the country: starting with Ivy League schools limiting in-person appearances on campus due to Omicron.

“Already we’re seeing at Stanford, they’ve changed the rules so that only family members are able to attend indoor events. …

“You’ve got Yale, which is not even allowing its kids to go to restaurants off campus. They can’t even sit outside. They have to quarantine when they arrive, despite the fact that the campuses have a 100 percent COVID vaccination rate.”

While the NFL mulls a move to AT&T Stadium in Dallas, they’ll need to assess whether there’s the security of an unrestricted Super Bowl coming from CA Gov. Gavin Newsom or sounder policy in states like Florida and Texas … as endorsed by New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

“Based on the data, I just don’t believe that Los Angeles and the state of California, based on their COVID insanity so far, is going to allow there to be a full football stadium in the middle of February. If you look at the trajectory of where exactly we are headed … “

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  1. If Goodell had even half a clue, he’d move it right now and give the new venue as much time as possible to prepare. With COVID cases spiking to their highest level ever in California right now, the likelihood that both the state government and the local government are going to let this thing happen with no restrictions is virtually zero. You simply cannot risk hosting the event in an area where the government has shown such a preference for lockdowns and vaccine mandates (especially when the star player of your best team is unvaccinated).

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