Clay Travis Talks SCOTUS Decision On Affirmative Action, Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Sharp-Worded Dispute, Joe Biden’s Failures

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Affirmative action is a fool’s wish based on its premise that identity matters more than merit. In America, merit has long been king. That is until Democrats began to promote bigotry behind Critical Race Theory to buy more minority votes.

Clay Talks Scotus Decision, Bigotry of Low Expectations

On Thursday, the U.S. Supreme Court set liberals off by voting 6-3 against the use of affirmative action for college admissions at schools like UNC and Harvard.


The liberals fought hard to have race be a critical determinant in college admissions and lost.

OutKick founder Clay Travis reiterated his support for the SCOTUS decision; speaking on the court’s decision, one left-wing Justice’s fiery response, how race-based decisions have backfired on Dems like Joe Biden and why affirmative action fails in its objective to boost diversity/inclusivity.

Clay broke down the decision and its effects on Thursday’s OutKick the Show.


Lib Justice Writes Sharp-Worded Dissent After Conservative Justices’ Vote

Things got chippy after the conservative Justices voted along their political lines with a 6-3 vote against the application of affirmative action in college admissions.

Biden-appointed Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, Ketanji Brown Jackson, wrote a harsh dissent against the conservatives’ decision. While not outright calling it “racist,” the judge wrote that her fellow Justices’ decisions will uphold disparity for minorities to succeed in this country.

… says the United States’ first black female Supreme Court circuit judge.

However, in Joe Biden’s America, race rules. Biden, himself, used the essence of affirmative action to select Ketanji Brown Jackson. He swore to make his pick on Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s replacement purely based on identity. Biden’s requirement: must be a black woman. Nothing else.

Affirmative Action Is Pure Hypocrisy

Clay broke down Ketanji’s response and how Biden weakened her value as a pick for the Supreme Court by picking her race over her merit.

“I’m fascinated by the fact that Ketanji Brown Jackson was in dissent on this affirmative action case. Why?” Travis asked.

“Because the way that she was hired for the Supreme Court actually would not be permissible under the logic of the college and university admission process.

“I’ve criticized Joe Biden on this since he did it in the spring of 2020,” Clay noted. “Joe Biden said, ‘I’m only going to pick a black woman to put on the Supreme Court.'”

Liberals, many of them white, have fought for affirmative action, which at its root claims that minorities are unable to succeed in America because of their skin color.

Clay rejects the premise and liberals’ attempts at normalizing race as a factor in climbing the social ladder.

“Biden actually undercut Ketanji Brown Jackson’s legitimacy by saying, ‘I’m excluding my search to only black women.'”

Dems will continue to masquerade affirmative action as “equality for all,” but anyone with an SAT score over 100 can see right through the political messaging.

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