Clay Travis: Sports Media Is Going To Rip Jim Harbaugh To Shreds

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Clay Travis spoke on Jim Harbaugh sharing his thoughts on abortion, saying we will have to wait and see how the sports media will react.

The OutKick founder said he expects that the sports media “is going to absolutely rip Jim Harbaugh to shreds because he has a different opinion than they do on abortion.”

Clay believes “every coach and every player has the right to advocate for any belief that they have anywhere out there in the larger universe of political discourse.”

Clay also said he favors “content-neutral policies as it pertains to the sports media,” which we don’t usually see.

Watch Clay Travis’ full take here:

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  1. Jim Harbaugh has always been an “acquired taste” somewhere between escargot and sushi. THIS will gain him new fans for either his courage or his naiveté …. not sure which. ….
    For sure the usual Insane Wokies ‘R Us in Bristol and their sniveling wimpy ilk are mobilizing to “Get Him”. … Keep your head on a swivel;, Coach.

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