Clay Travis: Smashing Success Of Penn Transgender Swimmer Threatens All Women’s Sports

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A transgender athlete from Penn has been utterly dominant in women’s swimming, not long after dominating the men’s competition for three years.

The NCAA, mind you, is OK with all of this.

“But clearly, when you’re winning races by 38 seconds over the person who is in second place … (and) won a 500-meter by 15 seconds … the bigger issue here is it threatens to destroy all of women’s sports,” OutKick founder Clay Travis said on Fox News.

“This is not sexism, this is biology. (Men) are bigger, stronger and faster than women. That is why we separate men’s and women’s athletics.”

Lia Thomas, formerly Will Thomas, is the Penn swimmer in question. As noted by OutKick’s Joe Kinsey, it will likely take an historic performance for a biological female swimmer to keep Thomas from claiming the NCAA women’s championship.

“If you are going to allow highly trained and highly skilled men to decide to compete against women, the (biological) women are not going to win,” Clay said. “There is a monster issue that threatens to become major for many other sports as well.”

Check out Clay’s full take on the matter in the video from Fox News below.

Written by Sam Amico

Sam Amico spent 15 years covering the NBA for Sports Illustrated, FOX Sports and, along with a few other spots, and currently runs his own basketball website on the side,


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    • 2. Preclude men (“people with XY chromosomes” if you need assistance figuring it out) from competing with women (people with XX chromosomes)
      3. Continue the insanity of letting men compete against women

      Two out of those three options will discourage women from participating in sports and one will not. I guess you will have to decide how your program plans on treating women when you decide among these 3 options.

  1. I spent a decade as a soccer ref and 3 of them in NISOA (aka: NCAA’s ref pool). My last year was in 2019.. Transgenderism had been looming as a problem and we were trained that it was NOT the Referee’s decision to let the “men” play as “women” – that was up to the Conference and the school. Knowing NO ONE was going to stop them for fear of lawsuits and “cancel culture” so, I devised a method: First touch HE made on a female player would be a foul. 2nd touch of a female: Yellow card for what we call “reckless” foul. 3rd touch on a female would get a 2nd yellow for for the same reason and the RED Card that comes with it!

    It was a HOTLY debated tactic and basically it came down to Politics. The lefties called us “transphobic” and the Righties called them dumb for letting a man play as a woman.

    Since the rules are pretty clear that the decision of the Referee to issue a card CANNOT be contested, it seemed like a fair way to handle this level of cheating — YES, I considered it cheating! I still consider it cheating. Of course, the opposing team would be a WOman up and I figured that was justifiable since the opponent attempted to put a MAN on a woman’s field.

    Thankfully, I never refereed a game with a transgender player at any level.

  2. This inspires me to go dominate some sports too. I think I might identify as a 7 year old to hit some
    bombs in coach pitch in the spring. Then I can bump up my identity to 11 in the summer to throw some gas from the mound for a local little league team.

  3. Where all these so called’ Parents’ ? Why are they quite pussies.Over something unnatural and blatantly wrong .Because they’re afraid of offending.0000002 percent of Americans! Their daughters are being sacrificed on satans altar.Sad when we have fight for em .I want to say ‘Screw em’ but we have to save the girls.My daughter is 32 and missed it ,thank god.

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