Clay Travis: Russian Athlete Displayed ‘True Courage’ When Speaking Against War

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Andrey Rublev, a Russian tennis player currently ranked 7th in the world, is speaking out against his country’s decision to enter war with Ukraine. The 24-year old used the immediate moments following his semi-final tournament win to pen “No War Please” in English onto the lens of a television camera.

As history has shown us, the Russian government does not take kindly to dissent in their own ranks. This makes Rublev’s written remark as brave as it is controversial.

OutKick founder Clay Travis calls it a demonstration of “true courage.”

“Given the threats a Russian athlete can face from its government, this is what speaking truth to power actually looks like,” tweeted Travis. “And this takes true courage.”

Rublev didn’t just pen “No War Please” at a ho-hum tournament in the doldrums of summer. He spread his message after advancing the finals in the Dubai Championships.

On Thursday, Rublev told the media his athletic achievements mean little in the grand scheme of things.

“In these moments you realize that my match is not important. It’s not about my match, how it affect me. What’s happening is much more terrible.”

He added, “You realize how important is to have peace in the world and to respect each other no matter what, to be united. It’s about that we should be take care of our earth and of each other. This is the most important thing.”

Rather than take a knee in protest, Rublev decided to stand up and speak out against his country’s unjust aggression against Ukraine.


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Written by Anthony Farris


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  1. Rather than take a knee in protest, Rublev decided to stand up and speak out against his country’s unjust aggression against Ukraine.

    Yeah because apparently “taking a knee or speaking up” against your government and policies that limit Civil Rights are different according to “some”? People like you and others would rather praise the life off someone who lives on the other side of the world than someone in your country making the same reasonable complaints against their government. SMH

    • It because the two things are not even on the same spectrum. Kaepernick got benched, pouted on the bench, then had to make up an excuse as to why he did it so he wouldn’t ruin his career and came up with the big lie that police are hunting down and killing unarmed black men. Sorry but the facts just don’t bare that out. In a country of over 320 million the number of unarmed blacks killed by police per year is under 15, and of those most are still justified. There is no epidemic of cops killing unarmed black men. It’s a lie. Kaepernick was praised throughout the media, former presidents, athletes and pretty much everyone that matters to you. Donald Trump didn’t like it. So what, sense when do you care what Donald Trump says. The Russian tennis player and Ovechkin are speaking out against a dictator that wouldn’t think twice about poisoning them or disappearing them. They are facing real life consequences. Kaepernick never faced any of that he got rich off of it, got Netflix specials and Nike contracts. Do you not see the difference between the two. If you say no you’re not an honest person or just downright delusional.

  2. We forget that Russians and Ukraines have mothers and fathers and siblings. I saw a picture of a 5 year old girl with her mom. She had a pretty pink parka and a backpack and was squeezing her teddy bear watching her city burn. My God she is OUR granddaughter. I’m ashamed to be a cowardly adult.

  3. Except for Asians trying to get into prestigious US schools. Primary beneficiaries multigenerational US blacks. Foreign born blacks that come from third world countries don’t seem to have so much of a hard time succeeding. In fact, recent African immigrants on average out earn whites….

    Kind of undercuts the whole poor us narrative.

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