Clay Travis on ‘Hannity’: Parents Should Be Outraged By These Progressive Policies

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Appearing on Hannity Friday night, OutKick founder Clay Travis joined Sean Hannity and fellow guest Rachel Campos-Duffy to discuss the left’s radical views on gender reassignment and transgender operations, notably with young children.

Hannity asked Clay regarding U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra’s advocacy for policies protecting reassignment procedures and stripping parents of choice over the child’s preference.

“It’s absolute madness,” Clay responded.


“You can’t even buy a beer until you’re 21. Yet we’re going to allow minor children to have life-altering, gender-altering surgery before they are even 18 years old?”

He adds, “This is absolute insanity. Parents should be standing up against this; it’s child abuse to be having surgeries like this before you are 18 years old.”

“The idea that our tax dollars should be funding children who are deciding to have permanent, altering surgeries … we understand that the brain is still developing, and we shouldn’t hold young people to the standards of adults.”

“It’s child abuse in my opinion,” Clay added.

Written by Alejandro Avila

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