Clay Travis on Gov. Cuomo’s Resignation: He Could Come Back in 2022

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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced today that he will resign in 14 days in the wake of multiple sexual harassment claims.

Clay Travis and Buck Sexton reacted to the news on Tuesday’s show.

“This feels, listening to this, like it might be an argument that he tries to come back in 2022,” Clay begins.

“He’s gonna resign. He’s done it in time to potentially put himself into the Democratic primary. He used this opportunity… Just think about it. Just think about it. He used this opportunity to make the case that he did nothing wrong but that he was stepping down because of the mess that would be caused if he were going to be impeached. He now can step away and say, ‘I did nothing wrong,’ and, in theory, if he sits out for a couple of months, he could come back and try to get reelected, then he’s wiping all the problems clean, and he is the governor again in 2022.”

“He can’t disappear, right?” Clay goes on.

“Two months’ time, Buck, or whatever the time frame is, he comes back. He reemerges, he says he’s a changed man, he’s learned, and he’s running, and he gets to run against maybe the woman who said that he was a sexual harasser, Letitia James. He gets to run against whoever the other Democrats are that would rise up and be interested in this job. And the ultimate vindication he can claim is — if he gets the nomination — that the people of New York still believe in him, they still believe in Andrew Cuomo, and he can run again in ’22. I’m not saying he’s gonna do it, but I’m saying all these pictures.”

You can listen to the audio segment below.

For the full conversation on Gov. Cuomo, click here.

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  1. Didn’t I read where “Blago” The Jail Bird is considering a comeback in Illinois? Serial corrupt politicians have total confidence in their abilities to bamboozle 51% of the electorate. A confidence born of experience.
    These rascals are like Rasputin … you cannot “kill’em” figuratively speaking.

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