Clay Travis on Bomani Jones’ Epic Failures

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The first season of Bomani Jones’ HBO show is a disaster. No one watches it.

Despite airing directly after John Oliver, Jones is losing 80% of his lead-in viewership. One week, Jones averaged 44,000 viewers and a 2 am infomercial toppled him in raw numbers.

Clay Travis discussed Bomani Jones’ repeated failures on Tuesday.

Clay says:

“The media totally destroyed Bill Simmons for his HBO show which was far more successful than Bomani’s. Yet other than OutKick and Bobby Burack, no media outlet has even covered the disaster that is Bomani Jones’ HBO show ratings. Why is it that Simmons was held to a different standard than Bomani?

“It’s the same reason that Bomani Jones has gotten all the shows that he’s ever gotten. He got a radio show at ESPN nationwide. The least successful radio show ESPN has ever had. They had to cancel him in order to avoid losing more affiliates, no show has ever lost more affiliates. They gave him a daily television show. It was a disaster. No one watched it. Then HBO gives him a show. It’s also a disaster. No one watches that either.

“No one in sports media history has ever failed more and been rewarded more than Bomani Jones and criticized less. Why is that? Because the media is afraid if they criticize Bomani Jones, they will be called racist.”

This is 100% correct. As I wrote yesterday:

In most cases, HBO would not consider renewing the show — it would have canceled it by the second week. However, I suspect HBO will choose to renew the program. See, even though Jones costs HBO millions of dollars with no return, HBO fears the backlash it’d receive for axing him.

Jones has made a career out of race-baiting, and he has allies in media who pressure his bosses into promoting him. Look at the fawning puff pieces others have written about him recently. It’s as though Jones controls the media beat and has people from The Ringer on his payroll. Maybe he does.

Should HBO cancel his show for horrific ratings, Jones and his media lackeys will call HBO racist. That’s how they work. If HBO does renew the show, we will know why.

ESPN pays Jones to maintain its reputation as a progressive media brand. HBO will likely do the same.

Bomani Jones is a disaster. But since he can wield the “racism” weapon, he remains privileged.

*Part of this transcript comes from our column, First Season Of Bomani Jones’ HBO Show Is An All-Time Disaster. Read that in full here.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. A question here. If this HBO show by Bomani Jones is such a putrid smelling turd of a show that no one is watching, and 44,000 alleged viewers is a measurable zero as far as ratings go, then I fail to see where any so-called “backlash” would come from? If nobody watches to begin with, if most people don’t even know he has a show on HBO, then if it was canceled, would there really be any attention paid to it beyond the media that report on broadcast programming on the networks and cable?

    Certainly the viewers wouldn’t care since they never watched it in the first place. I imagine that this Jones dude has many more people subscribed to Outkick wondering who in the hell he is over how many actually watch his show.

    Much a do about nothing.

    • I beg to differ. Jones is a surly race hustler that has been moved around the various sports media outlets for years — much like a troubled, incapable and bullying student is promoted to the next grade — in an effort to make him relevant (because he is a race hustler). And like an elusive strand of toilet paper, it keeps sticking to the bottom of your shoe. While not life threatening, certainly annoying.

      Why does the cave woman in the comic strip B.C. keep beating up the snake? Because of the sheer pleasure of it.

  2. I like Bomani Jones when he is not race-baiting. Over the years his everything is race discrimination / victimhood has become more frequent to the point it is his main schtick. And as pointed out by others, it is his only way to be in a position to keep failing up. I don’t think HBO cares if he gets no ratings, they aren’t expecting financial ROI they are seeking to build diversity collateral. Insurance against future race based attacks that are bound to come to any corporation nowadays. Besides they couldn’t very well replace Bill Simmons with another white guy, how racist would that be? A shame because Bomani is pretty funny and smart when he isn’t forcing the race card into every possible conversation.

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