Clay Travis Not Even Sorry For Getting Bounced From Kid’s Baseball Game

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Say this much for OutKick founder Clay Travis: If you make him feel a certain way, he’s gonna tell you about it.

He’s made a lot of money that way (and he’s sometimes the first to tell you that, too). So when you suck, he’ll tell you that you suck. Sometimes, he’ll do it nicely. Other times … yeah, not so much.

And according to Clay, the ump calling his son’s Little League baseball game deserved an earful. That is precisely what Clay gave him after what he dubbed “the worst umpire call in Little League history.”

It resulted in Clay getting the ol’ heave-ho. He explained all of it in the video below and then later followed up on Twitter.

Clay went on to say that the ump should be the one who was thrown out “for sucking at his job.”

He did not say if the ump should be banned places other than a Little League diamond. For now, Clay holds that distinction alone, and without a doubt, does so with a hint of pride.

“I’ve also been kicked out of a coed intramural flag football game and am presently banned from appearing on both ESPN and CNN,” Clay said.

Was Clay sorry for yelling at the terrible umpire? Yeah, right. And you will just need to get over it, pencil neck.

“Blue checks haven’t been this mad at me on Twitter for a sports opinion since I said bands sucked and shouldn’t play at halftime of college games because they make halftimes too long,” he said. “I hate bands at halftime and bad paid umpiring on any level. No apologies for either. Deal with it.”

Here’s what the OutKick 360 crew had to say: “There’s no pride in getting kicked out of a Little League game.”

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Written by Sam Amico

Sam Amico spent 15 years covering the NBA for Sports Illustrated, FOX Sports and, along with a few other spots, and currently runs his own basketball website on the side,


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  1. There is a national “crisis” in youth and high school sports over a lack of referees and umpires … caused by ever-increasing fan abuse that all too often includes violence and injury. Veteran officials are retiring and there is no “new blood” coming in. Many high school conferences are cutting back on games as a result. ….. Ergo… many leagues will take “warm bodies” who may / may not “know the rules”. …
    Clay’s guy may be one of those warm bodies who might not have been there had there been more experienced people available. That said … I AGREE with the above commenters that Clay appears to have over-reacted as there was no safety threat involved. … Young Travis might as well learn at 11 that “Life isn’t fair … and that’s a fact.” Losing a LL game is a harmless place to learn that.

    • Me too … the parents of those band members and majorettes and flag girls are as proud of them out on the field as players’ parents/friends. Kinda shocked that Clay feels so strongly opposed.

      I miss the Kilgore Rangerettes and the Apache Belles and Mizzou’s Golden Girls.

  2. I usually agree with Clay’s takes and positions but this one has his ego written all over it. You got kicked out fine, not being humble and apologizing is where you lose me. Get over yourself you aren’t that important. I bet your kids and wife are embarrassed too you just won’t admit it.

  3. To show good will towards these umps making $35 a game listening to loudmouth parents, and make an unbelievably great piece in the meantime, I say Clay should go through umpire school and then do an actual game with cameras following him around throughout. Now that he’s with Fox and has all that juice behind him this should be no big deal to sell. Let’s go. Let’s see Clay become an umpire and we will follow him through the process. I’m already laughing thinking about hearing his complaining to instructors during the training sessions.

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