Clay Travis: No One Trusts Joe Biden, Kamala Harris To Handle Russia

OutKick founder Clay Travis joined Tucker Carlson Tonight to discuss President Joe Biden and VP Kamala Harris’ handling of the Ukraine-Russia conflict.

Clay first called out the VP for talking down to the American people when asked to deliver a message on the situation in Ukraine.

“She presumes that everyone in America is an imbecile,” Clay told Tucker. “She thinks that we’re all idiots.”

“When you think about Joe Biden selecting her at the age of 78 to be a heartbeat away from the presidency, does Biden have any respect for the country?”

Clay then broke down how Biden and Harris’ track record in handling global affairs only suggests further misery for the people of Ukraine.

“You’re choosing them based on their judgment,” Clay notes. “Is there anything that Joe Biden or Kamala Harris has done that makes you trust them on anything? Much less one of the largest foreign policy potential disasters, if we’re not already there.”

Hoping for the best outcome in the Russia debacle for Ukrainians, Americans and our allies, Clay called for Americans to avoid further catastrophe by putting the right people in charge.

“If you’re not going to send serious people to solve serious problems, what in the world are you doing, and why in the world should we respect you at all?

“If you need open-heart surgery, the last thing you want to know is anything other than are you the best open-heart surgeon anywhere in this country. We’re in a situation where we’re trying to do open-heart surgery. Does anybody think that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are the two best people who could be performing this for the country?

“They’re not certainly going to be helping the situation at all.”

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Written by Alejandro Avila


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  1. It’s obvious the prez and vp are in way over their head a back bencher senator from a tiny insignificant state that.has no accomplishments in almost 50 years slopping at the govt trough it was a coup and as a country in some pretty serious trouble . But hey all you offended by those tweets from our former should be happy as a pig in shit

    • BDL=Sovereign Citizen/Moorish National/First Amendment Frauditor/Black Privilege/Victim/Race Baiter/Uneducated/Uninformed sheeple/Complicit in voting in Communism. We thank you for coming to our site. It’s the first step in your rehabilitation. Shhh, it’s ok sweetheart. You’re in good hands now. The grown ups in the room are hear to listen and to let you vent.

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