Clay Travis: ‘I Give Credit To Aaron Rodgers, Novak Djokovic, And Kyrie Irving For Standing Up To The Masses’

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Clay Travis reacted to the Aaron Rodgers Joe Rogan podcast conversation, where the two discussed “the litany of lies” we were told surrounding COVID.

“I think that history is going to judge Aaron Rodgers, Kyrie Irving, and Novak Djokovic as having been very much on the right side of history as it pertains to the Covid shot,” Clay said.


All three of them gave up money, opportunity, and were “castigated” for their decision not to get the COVID shot, but the data has shown that they were, in fact, correct in their decision, Clay stated.

The OutKick founder gives credit to all of them and believes those in the media who criticized them should apologize.

Watch Clay Travis’ full take here:

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  1. Decades of health advice; fresh balanced diet with plenty of exercise. Epitome of that advice? Pro sportspeople!
    Epitome of high achieving pro sportspeople? Critical thinkers who don’t follow the narrative.
    Epitome of stupidity? Continuing to follow a narrative when the evidence proves it was false.
    Epitome of arrogance? Refusing to admit you were wrong to the extent of harming the masses, just so you don’t have to say you were wrong!
    Djokovic played in the US Open last year, banned this year! It’s obvious whose on the wrong side of this and has been from the start!
    By the way, they didn’t stand up to the masses, they stood up to the vocal minority (all too prevalent now). The masses were useful idiots, who mostly came to realise they have been duped, but embarrassed they didn’t stand strong, so have stayed silent!

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