Clay Travis Joins ‘Fox & Friends’ to Talk OutKick Sale

OutKick’s Clay Travis appeared with Brian Kilmeade on Fox & Friends Thursday to talk about Fox’s purchase of OutKick and to introduce the site to some in the Fox audience.

Clay said that OutKick is the antidote to woke sports and that with Fox, OutKick will win even more battles and bring unity back to sports and to the country as a whole.

“Sports used to be the great unifier,” Clay says. “When your team scores, you turn to high-five people around you — you don’t care about the race, religion, gender, ethnicity, and sexuality of anyone else. You are just celebrating together.

“In an era that we need to bring people together, we’ve lost that connective tissue over the divisiveness of sports. It’s time to fight that battle. Let’s bring everyone back together.”

When asked how OutKick fits with Fox, Clay said that “OutKick is a bridge to unite Fox News and Fox Sports.”

Watch the full segment below:

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. Please send us your support so I can sell to the highest bidder. Fuck Clay Travis. Greedy asshat. Not glad I got suckered into supporting Outkick. You are now Outcast sports

  2. I became a VIP member because OutKick was independent and 100% fully supported freedom of speech. Had I known that OK was going to sellout to Fox, I would never have purchased a VIP membership.

    And yes, Foix does participate in censorship. Awhile back, when Newt Gringrich was on Outnumbered, he was talking about the George Soros backed district attorneys that are pro criminals and contributing to increasing crime in those cities. Newt was immediately shut down by 2 of the women on Outnumbered and was told not to bring Soros name into the discussion and then they cut to commercial. That was censorship, it was disgusting so I stopped watching.

    And now OK has sold out to a company that engages in censorship.

    I’m trying to figure out how I can update my VIP membership so it will not automatically renew. I’ve not been able to locate where I do that. Can someone tell me how I do that?

  3. I was thinking… politicians cannot be trusted bc most of them are lawyers. We all know that. We just forgot that it also applies to Clay. They just smell an opportunity, sell you bullshit and some scheme and then cash in. In 2024 Clay may tell you to vote for Harris.

  4. I’ve had some time to think about this, as I was so upset yesterday. This is what truly pisses me off: the complete uptone of Clay’s announcement to us here on OK. All unicorns and rainbows. Not once did address selling out to the corporate world, the media and the world of dark powers. He could have just been honest with us and said, it was about the money, people. It was about the money. I would have given him credit for that. Instead, he keeps trying to sell us on how this is a good thing for everyone but him.

    • I completely agree. Also, what you and many other VIP members have said, is that Clay was always saying how proud he was that OutKick was an independent company, so he and his employees have the freedom to say and write what they want to. And Clay always went on and on about how important it was to be independent and have freedom to say whatever he wants because he owns the company.

      Now we find out that wasn’t true at all. Now he has sold out to Fox that has engaged in censorship (my post above). I like Tucker, Gutfeld and some of Hannity and Ingraham, but Fox also folks such as Juan Williams that are just pathelogical liars. And now Clay has sold out to a company that does censor guests. These companies are the like The Borg, their goal is to consume, and once they consume something, it will have to assimilate to their will, or their voices will be silenced.

      I feel like Clay pulled a bait and switch, saying how his company’s independence was so important, and then he turns around and sells. That’s not right.

      • Remember that FoxNews has Geraldo and Marie Barf (I mean Harf) as opinion regulars.

        They put that loser Jason Chaffetz on TV regularly – who LITERALLY sold out his electorate by claiming he couldn’t continue in Congress because his ankle hurt a lot – but he can make lots of $$$ on Fox.

        Now most of you aren’t familiar with that crook Harold Ford, who is BEST FRIENDS WITH Joe Scarborough, but he now shows up regularly on Fox as an opinion commentator. He is a former congressman from Memphis, TN. His politics are left of obama’s but he is somehow being portrayed by Fox as a “moderate” guy??

    • Agree totally ChiefsGirl,

      Clay’s plan is to spin this as something great and ignore any pushback from grumblers like us. This is straight out of the media spinmeister playbook: Under NO circumstances do you respond to, appease, modify, or otherwise give more oxygen to the conflagration.

      While it’s textbook media relations, it’s just bad manners to all of us that really bought into the “dbap” philosophy.

      As one guy so aptly put it, “I guess this falls under the SBAP category??”

  5. Biden stole election, players all got political can’t enjoy sports anymore, just found out new preacher at Methodist church is a never married single mom in her 20s, and now Clay sold out. What the hell is happening to America???

    • Greed is killing the country. Greed of the cronies and politicians. Greed of people staying home on welfare bc they get paid more doing nothing. Greed of obese people who then die of Covid making healthy people pay the price. The list goes on and on. This country needs a spiritual revival around family, small communities, small business etc… instead of people like Clay ready to kiss ass to Bezos and the likes and lying to us about their principles

    • Hey there Jeffrey- I just read your post.

      As Ernest Hemingway says in ‘The Sun Also Rises’
      …”Gradually, then suddenly.”

      And where we are today is a scenario of boiling water & frogs. The moral fabric of our nation has been chipped away and chipped away in the name of tolerance to where now we all sorts of insane (let me say agin —> TRULY INSANE) madness that is tolerated. Nevermind the rampant sexual immorality which is everywhere now, People bust into a Macy’s. Smash it up. Steal everything by and somehow nothing happens to them. At all.
      15 years ago this would have been unheard of.

      Jeffrey just plz know that There are other ppl like you that still haven’t forfeited their brains & their faith for the new world order madness.

  6. Very proud to say that I have also just cancelled my membership. I don’t like being lied to. Clay talked and talked about being independent was so important and he didn’t answer to anyone and that OutKick was a marketplace of free ideas and how we had to stand up to big tech and the big media companies.

    And I believed all that and was really enjoying Outkick, and then Clay turns around and does the exact opposite, he sells out to a company that has engaged in censorship. As I said above, these big companies are like The Borg, they consume and either you assimilate or your gone.

  7. Selling out your principles (and your supporters) for any price really means that you never had any principles to begin with. One of the down sides of capitalism is that money and notoriety frequently trump ethics, loyalty and principles.

  8. I’m with all of you. I thought this was an independent free thinking platform. I stopped listening to Fox news last Aug/Sept. I’m sure there are a lot of good folks who work there. I stopped using Twitter as well. Haven’t used FB in 5+ years.
    Let’s focus on what can we do next. Is there another site most of you gravitate to? Maybe we need a running list of replacement sites.

    • I wonder if Clay has any idea how much we put on the line paying for VIP. Not just the money, but emotional investment because so much of the world is so effing upside down, but not here. Here it was right side up. DBAP. Be a real man. Fight the woke. We had a leader, and that leader left us high and dry for the money, the fame, the good seats at the table.

        • No Bob. I supported Outkick because it was independent and not woke. Just like I’ve opened up my pocket book for a whole lot of indie and small online businesses in the last year. I didn’t give two hoots about the book, although in the beginning, the online forum was awesome when Jason was still here.

          I’m not a martyr. Not even close. But, I truly do feel hoodwinked by Clay. I fell for his crap about DBAP, stand up against the machine, fight the good fight. Defund the media. Testify before Congress. Phht. He was fraudster just like the politicians are. Promises, then do the opposite.

          Hope you enjoy the new and improved OK in the next couple of years.

          • Outkick will have a more amplified voice because of this financial backing. More people will be exposed to a site that values conservative views. In my view that’s a good thing. Speculating about what influence Fox will have editorially is fair, but I take Clay at his word. Most people complaining about Fox are “Stop the Steal” dead-enders that are still mad at Fox for calling the election too early for Biden.

  9. you guys are fucking fags lol

    he took a shit ton of money and good for him

    I cancelled as well cuz the content is shit and has been ever since Whitlock left (only reason I signed up). Congrats anyways, Clay. Enjoy your wealth bud!

  10. I hear you guys but am going to hold off on passing quick judgement. This is disconcerting for sure and the band on here as always hits all the relevant notes. If Outkick is going to be a real media force, Clay obviously thought he needed serious corporate clout behind him.

    Let’s hope they stay on point, defend all free speech and don’t dilute the message that gravitated us all to this company. If they corrupt the dialogue, many will flee, including me. Stay true gents, and ladies.

  11. I’m glad Clay is rolling in cash now. I hope that the misguided management at Fox doesn’t force Outkick to be changed.

    Just a reminder, The Athletic is looking for an investor. Someone like Clay might even save that godforesaken hell hole.

  12. Clay signed Jason then had exceptional growth. But Jason’s ego was a bit too much for his ego so he sided with sam in the split. Then sells out to Fox for big money. If I were Jason I would make sure he wasn’t talking to Fox before he let him go. It was Jason’s popularity that brought Clay the publicity. Clay only blew up once he hired Jason.

  13. If I take Clay at his word that he won’t change anything, why should I send Outkick another hundred dollars? I paid money for the idea of Outkick. VIP money will go to Fox now, and I don’t want to contribute to the Matrix. I would like to hear Clay’s revised case for VIP subscription. Clay has a month to convince me. Or maybe Clay is fine with just naturally cycling out old VIP’s with new VIP’s from the Fox audience.

  14. Why don’t we wait and see what happens before we go nuts on the decision. It obviously is going to infuse a lot of cash into the company, give it a further reach. I get it that we hate fox now mostly because of the election night bs but I myself will wait to see if all the bad things y’all anticipate happening actually happen. Clay did what 99% of us would have done in the situation. I’ll hold off on shitty remarks until something shitty actually happens.Congratulations Clay! Interested in what comes next.

  15. Wow, I’m stunned at many of the responses to this topic. Is no one willing to wait and see what the future brings with the sale of Outkick to Fox? This certainly sounds like “ready, fire, aim” to me.

    How ironic is it that the loudest voice against the cancel culture is now being cancelled by his former supporters? Who among you wouldn’t have jumped at the same opportunity to better yourselves after years of working your asses off to build your brand?

    And, with regard to Jason Whitlock, there is no bigger fan of Jason’s than I. I was thrilled when he teamed up with Clay. However, as good and passionate as Jason might be, his track history indicates that he changes jobs like I change socks. There may be some lines that need to be read between on that score.

    In any case, I, for one, will continue to support Clay Travis and Outkick. I’ve never been a listener to sports talk in any format, as I find it painfully boring to listen to, but I listen to Clay faithfully, and will continue to do so until he gives me a reason not to. I would encourage you to do the same.

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