Clay Travis: Enes Kanter Is Risking It All For Freedom, Unlike The Woke Grifters Of Past

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Martyrdom in modern-day sports has become an avenue for loser athletes to find a path back to relevance.

NBA center and human rights activist Enes Kanter Freedom is interested in none of that.

OutKick founder Clay Travis broke down Enes’ current situation with the NBA: evidently released by the Houston Rockets over his protest against China — a major contributor to the Association’s purse.

Clay addressed the discrepancies in treatment and perceived martyrdom between past grifters in sports like Colin Kaepernick and a genuine voice for freedom in Enes.

“When Enes Kanter criticizes China, pointing out that NBA players are signing shoe deals and wearing those them in games that are made with slave labor; when he points out that the Uyghur Muslim population is having genocide perpetrated up it; when he stands for the people of Hong Kong; when he calls for human rights around the world, he loses his job in the NBA.”


As guys like Kaepernick sell their identity for the price of a Netflix contract and label it “martyrdom,” Kanter Freedom is zeroed in on making an actual difference with his message — motivated by courage rather than profit. And focused on his mission, no matter the cost.

“Nobody signs him to endorsement contracts. Nobody offers to pay him more money as a result of what he is saying,” Clay noted. “The modern-day Muhammad Ali pro-athlete is the person who is advocating for human rights around the world and paying a price for it, not being rewarded for denigrating America inside of our own country.

“Let me tell you this quite clearly: the modern-day Muhammed Ali in the NBA is Enes Kanter.”

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Written by Alejandro Avila


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  1. “Let me tell you this quite clearly: the modern-day Muhammed Ali in the NBA is Enes Kanter.”

    Honest to God. This might be the dumbest shit ever said. Once again the Neo conservative right has no idea what they are talking about.

  2. I think the same holds true; the greater your talent the longer the leash you get when it comes to distractions.

    Kanter is an older player who would inevitably be out of the league in a few years. Difference between him and Keappy boi is Kanter can actually come off the bench and contribute. Keap was a certified 2nd/3rd stringer when he started all his SJW woke bullshit. It not like you take your QB out to get some Gatorade and throw in a washed up QB lol..

    Point is, I agree with EKF but I understand why the NBA is getting rid of him. It’s a business decision for the NBA who will do anything for that China money.

    • 100.

      Enes being from Turkey has first-hand perspective what freedom means and has gratitude to his situation of becoming a US citizen. Kaeperdick is a typical ingrate, perpetually aggrieved, glass always half empty loser.

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