Clay Travis: ‘Duke Volleyball Player Is A Fraud’

Clay Travis joined Fox & Friends to talk more about the news that BYU athletic administration likely knew the allegations made by Duke volleyball’s Rachel Richardson weren’t true.

“What this represents is a failure to examine and consider real facts.”

“Well, unfortunately, what this represents is a failure to examine and consider real facts because of what people might say about you for sharing those real facts on social media.”

“And I think that factored in to BYU. They wanted to make sure that this was 100% and uncorroborated allegation. They did that. They spent weeks scrutinizing every possible detail — credit those young student journalists who were willing to do what journalists used to do — which is actually examine the facts.”

“I’m still disgusted by what Duke did here. Well, they had an opportunity to take a lesson from the 2006 lacrosse incident when they immediately believed all of these allegations, which were 100% false. It appears best case scenario, this was a completely bungled situation. Maybe this girl thought that she heard something. That’s the best case scenario for her. More likely, this is just another fraud. It’s Jussie Smollett on a volleyball court.”

Written by OutKick Flash

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