Clay Travis: Banning Novak Djokovic Is A Mockery Of Science

Clay Travis reacted to Wimbledon Champion Novak Djokovic not being able to play in the US Open because he is unvaccinated, saying he believes there should no longer be Covid restrictions for any athlete of any sport anywhere in the country and around the world.

The OutKick founder said, “the fact that we are not allowing Djokovic the opportunity to travel to America to play in the US Open is an absolute mockery of science, and it is indefensible.”

Clay continued, saying the joke of this whole thing is “Djokovic would be better off going down to the Southern Border and just walking across there where we don’t actually require any sort of negative test in order to enter this country.”

Watch Clay Travis’ full take here:

Written by OutKick Flash

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  1. Oh, those ‘fake powers’ that be have been after Novak for a long time. They’ve tried to make him out a BAD person, when in FACT, he is one of the most magnanimous Human Beings to ever play sport. Compare him to an egotistical, uneducated idiot like LJ and one wonders…

    He would have won the US Open had he not been disqualified, the Australian Open (giving the goody-goody Nadal one less major) and the French had the match with Nadal been played at a different time when balls moved Faster (who made ALL these choices…Dem-wokes, that’s who), ah, giving the goody-good another slam.

    So, who is REALLY the Tennis GOAT? REALLY? It is a REAL Human Being that has resisted the wimp world of woke sport!

    Maybe he’ll coyote over the border with a wig and play the Open this year!

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